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I just saw this, and Vixx has finally revealed there promises for the View Achievements!

We have a problem though......

Right now as I'm posting this card, were only at 766,329 views!

I know that sounds like a lot, but compared to the 3 Million and who knows how many for the last Achievement, we really need more views. YouTube is really working against us and our views keep getting dropped, so this is what we need to do:
-It has to be in HD quality with a very high volume
-Only 1 view per account -No views from playlists will be counted! We need to copy and past the link into an incognito tab, over and over and over again. -To be safe, watch a few other videos in-between every couple of plays. If YouTube finds out that a browser is viewing the video a little too often, they will delete all of those views.

We really need Starlight's streaming this video right now, as well as voting for shows.

You can find out how to do that at @vixxsupport on twitter. Our boys worked very hard to give us this, and it's no mystery they all look a little tired. Even other fandoms are saying that we're lucky because Vixx gives out comebacks like flyers, so lets make sure there hard work really shows!


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Yay!!! Come on Starlights - lets hit the 3m mark!!
So close!!!!!! :)
@DarciAragon @DianaBell @JaxomB @goinnutz22 @LunaCordero @twistedPuppy @kpopandkimchi View Update: We're starting to get there guys! We're at 913,184! Let's keep going and we may be able to make it before the day is over!
keep going on my 25th view in between gaming
I'm definitely watching more often now. 馃槈
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