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Stopping my fanfic completely
So I've decided to completely end my fanfic "Kris returns to EXO" because I'm not really coming up with good ideas. Plus the fanfic wasn't really that good either. I was lacking with it. I stopped writing in April and thought I would continue it but I never did. I might write another one that is more interesting maybe. I don't know. I hate the fact that I can't think of more ideas to put into chapters. I wanted to write more for you all but it looks like that won't be happening. I'm basically having a writers block. I also feel like you guys didn't try enjoy my story which is another reason I'm stopping it. I will keep my collection up but for now Kris returns to EXO is...CLOSED.
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if you make a hyunseug fanfic YOU IS BETTER TAGGING ME!
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