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My favorite song by BTOB is The Winter's Tale. I know that's an odd choice, but I really love the song.
In the music video, they are so cute in their Disney PJ's.
When they performed on stage, BTOB had a variety of different and cute costumes. I was hoping to find the toy soldiers, as that was my absolute favorite costume for this song. They looked so adorable.
Here is a collection of the different stage costume for The Winter's Tale. Aren't they adorable soldiers?
I do love their other songs, and I even have a favorite BTOB Japanese song.
I love The Winter's Tale. This is actually the first song of theirs I heard, way before I really knew BTOB. When I got into BTOB and realized this is their song, I felt a little stupid because this is one of my favorite Christmas songs and I play the crap out of it at holiday time.... now I play the crap out of it all year! Which song is your favorite Japanese song?
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You don't have to. @LemonLassie
Winter's tale is a good one! I love the cute disney Pj!
They're so cute in this MV. This is the first time I heard this song. Its really cute. Sungjae so adorable ❤
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They have a Holiday album... just saying.