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{MCM} Scars
So this was @AimeBolanos's idea as they tagged me, and this week I'm gonna participate...goodbye phone's memory... πŸ˜… As you can see by the title it's scars this week, and for that I can think of no one hotter than our favorite chocoholic gangsta, Mihael Keehl, better known as Mello! 🍫🍫🍫🍫
Superior to Near (ew) in every way, Mello was my favorite character the moment he appeared on screen! He was adorable before, but after the 7 year time jump when he returns with that scar πŸ”₯
Mmmmm! 😈 Just look at him!
I just found this amusing.
Wanna make your own Man Crush Monday card? Go here for the card I was tagged from.
what anime/manga is this??
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Sorry though I said! He's from Death Note
a year ago
anyone else think he looks like light from death note just with different colored and longer hair
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There are some frames yeah
a year ago
@MissHitachiin deathnote
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