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Happy Birthday Rise! We miss you!
Today is the birthday of the late Rise from Ladies Code. I'm sure you all know but on September 7, 2014 Rise passed away 4 days after her band member EunB due to a tragic car accident. Today I want to honor with this card. RIP Leon Rise.


Birth Name: Kwon Ri Sae † Stage Name: Rise Nickname: Pure Code Birthday: August 16, 1991 Death: September 7, 2014 Position: Vocalist and Face of the Group Height: 164 cm Weight: 45 kg Specialties: Dance Favorite Artists: Beyonce, Misia, Big Mama, Big Bang -She is from Tokyo, Japan -She was "married" to David Oh on We Got Married when she was a contestant of 'Birth Of A Great Star' -She is a former model
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rest in peace rise
a year ago·Reply
Rest in Peace RiSe, you are greatly missed
a year ago·Reply
happy birthday Rise. have a wonderfully birthday up there as you watch us from above still giving you ladies love.
a year ago·Reply
Happy Birthday Rise. Hope you're singing your heart out in heaven. Rest in peace <3
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