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You sat back down trying to process all the information that was just given to you. You where shock yet kinda of happy, so you and Namjoon would have to get married. You would married your high school crush, and your first love. How many people get this opportunity. As you where thinking a sudden hard sound startled you. It was Namjoon he had gotten up from his seat, making the chair fall. He looked really upset.
Namjoon's POV "What!?" Was all this girl could get out of her mouth? What's wrong with my parents wanting me to married her. What's their problem, I don't have to married this girl for them to become a family. I've had enough "What the hell?!" I said loudly "Namjoon son please calm down"my father said "Why should I married a complete stranger, just so you guys can become "family"... I won't do it" I said before adding " plus this girl is not my type, she's a complete idiot, she's not smart, and just not my style" "Namjoon! Stop it!" My mother yelled, while moving her head towards that girl. She was looking down, was she crying? Did I go to far? "I won't do it either" she said " I won't married a guy that's full of him self,boring, and just plain rude!" She added while looking at me. "Your name is Y/N! Right?" I said amused, finally she's the girl that got hit my the ball. Y/N "Hahahaha......see why should I marry someone that doesn't even know my name" she said while getting up, she added " please rip or do something with that stupid "contract" of yours, because I'm not going to married, a self centered person like him" she said after getting up, halfway into the room she turned around and stick her tongue out on me. What's her problem so childish, like always, it's true she's an idiot she never answers me when I talk to her. Why'd she got to get mad when I'm telling the truth.
Y/N POV How dare he say all that?! Who does he think he is!? You yelled after getting back to your room. I mean he is cute and funny, and your crush, forget about this opportunity. He has no right to speak of me in that way! "Y/N~" your mom called out while slightly opening the door "What!?" You answer back "Y/N!..honey I know your upset, but please think about it..okay?" "Mom, did you not heard what he said about me?!" You said while sitting on your bed. "I know I heard and saw it....but I think he only said all of those stuff because just like you he was upset at the sudden news" your mom said as she got closer to you "Plus I also saw the way you looked at him, do you have a crush on him?! She added with a little of excitement in her voice. "What!?No!" You said while hiding your blushing face. "Aww come on, Y/N you can tell me anything" (Sight)"Fine, I may have a little tiny crush on him, but that's all it is a stupid crush". "Well, you could get married to him and he will be more than just your crush, if you use this opportunity" she said with a big proud smile. "Mom I already said I'm not going to do it" you said with a toned of annoyance in your voice. " Just think about it, please~ please~ please~ Please~, you know I won't stop bothering you, until you agree" she said with an evil smile. " I won't even let you sleep" she added. "Yeah, right I have a exam tomorrow, you won't do it" you said eyeing her. "My my it hurts to know that my own daughter doesn't know me" she said acting a hurt expression as she hold her hands on her chest. You knew her very well to know she would do it, one time she even made you miss school, because you didn't agree to go shopping with her, she kept bothering you the entire day, until you finally agreed Yeah she could and would do anything to make you do it, and you really didn't like that...but today you were only going to agree to think about it, witch is why "Fine I'll think about, will you please let me sleep now? I have to wake up early tomorrow" you said. "Yes sweetie, have a good night sleep" your mom said before closing the door to your room.
Namjoon POV *On their way back home* "Namjoon...I know you were surprised by the news, but you shouldn't have said any of those thing to y/n" my mom said, I looked at her and then closed my eyes I heard her sigh.After that, the ride home was quite, until my father spoke, "You're upset at us we know, we didn't tell you about any of this because it was only a promise that naive high schoolers made" he said "but it has turn into something that we really need you do to, for us" he added. I was listening but I wasn't looking at him, he was right I was more than upset, I was angry at the fact that they didn't said anything about it specially the fact about their friendship with Y/N parents and about this (contract). Did they think I would react in a different way? Why would I,not after what happen to her because of me. I had to distance myself from her, for a reason. And now they want us to get married? Whats going on?Are my parents hiding something from me? My Thoughts were interrupted by the car stopping in front of the house, I was out of the car as soon as it had completely stopped. "Namjoon! My father called as he was practically chased after me into the house. "Kim Namjoon! Your father is talking to you!" My mother yelled. I was half way up the stairs when she yelled at me, I knew better than to continue, so I turned around. "What is it?" I asked "Son, please tell me you are going to marry her" my father said while looking at me with begging eyes. "No, I already made my decision, and it's No!" I said, "just tell him already" my mother said while squishing my fathers hand, "Tell me what" I ask with a worried toned to my voice. My father took a shaky deep breath before saying " We are bankrupt, the business I made with the company in Russia didn't go as plan...long story short, we lost all the money we had" "What? How did it happen?" I ask I really wanted to know my father was a genius when it came to doing business especially if it was with a company aboard, he never once lost a Penny, he gain millions, how is it possible for him to have lost everything in a matter of days? "I was excited, and too full of my self, to be doing business with this company, that I didn't even looked into them" he said lowering his head. "Wait, so did this Company, was it fake?!" I ask alarm. "Yes it seems that, way... I inverted all of our money on this company's product, and it was all a lie" he said. My fathers company is or was, one of those that looks into smaller company's products and well helps them, promote, helps make the quality of the items better, so they can actually sell them, he is like a sponsor that gets 90% of the money. But now he had lost everything? "Wait why do we still have the house, if we lost everything?!" I asked, "That's were Y/N's parents come in, somehow they heard about us, and asked to meet your father, they helped us keep the house" my mother said with a sad smile on her face. "But what does all this have to do with me having to marry Y/N? I asked "Well, we are friends but that doesn't mean they will help us for free" my father said, "They agreed to help us get the company back together, if Y/N and you get married... They are afraid Y/N she might never get married" my father said with a small laugh. Is this time to be laughing? "Why would they think that?" I ask while sitting down all this was to much to bear with, "Well after the accident, Y/N has become a really stubborn girl, who only does what she wants, well except when it comes to her mom she can't say no to her, she probably does the same thing she did to me back then" my mother said smiling at the memory, " like I was saying she's stubborn, and doesn't really show her real feelings, she likes to keep a distance from people, she might act strong but she hurts easily, also she has a lot of pride" my mom said while looking at me. "Well I think they are just looking for an easy victim, I also think no one would want to married a girl like that, so I have to be the one who gets punished" I said as a joke but of course my parents didn't like it. "Namjoon, don't say that Y/N's a really lovely girl" my mother said, "And she's not a spoil privilege princess" my father added. Did they really think I didn't know that? "Well what do you say? Will you at least think about it, now that you know the truth?" My father ask. "Fine, I'll think about it, but No promises that I will change my decision" I said as I walk towards my room.
Both of the parents POV Mrs.Kim to Mr.Kim: "I'm sure he will change his mind." Mr.kim: "Why do you say that?" Mrs.kim: "Because she is his first love, and I'm sure he treats her like a stranger, because he still likes her and is afraid of her remembering the accident" Your Mom: "I know she will change her mind I know it" Your dad: "Why are you so sure? What did you find out?" Your mom: "Well Y/N has a crush on namjoon, and well I'm sure namjoon still likes her, so I'm sure both of the will change their minds" Both Moms: "If not I'll just have to change it for them" Both Dads: "And i won't be able to stop you right?" Both Moms: "No!" With an evil smile Both dads: *Deep sights*
Y/N and Namjoon's thoughts If namjoon and I get married, would we have a happily ever after? If he doesn't like me back? If Y/N and I get married, she will definitely remember the accident, if she does, Would we still have a happily ever after?
Here's a sneak peak from the next part!
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damn cliffhangers they're going to be the death of me ~T_T~ and the preview is like the final blow please update soon and I hope you make this story more than 10 chapters because this is too good to just be 10 chapters keep up the awesome work fighting ↖(^▽^)↗