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yeahhh that's right guys! a self composed song! I'm so proud.. tho.. it might not be what you expect...check it out!

I'm so proud of him!! self composed song to fc in China!
and it's freaking adorable!! yes it's about pizaa...

can we say we didn't saw this coming?

I mean really ! Jackson lovess food more than life lol

and now people all over Asia will be listening to Jackson Wang new song whenever they visit their local restaurant!... i would not be able to eat pizza the same again !
guys I've been in hiding for a little because i have to edit some videos and event stuff but baby Jackson always make me come back here lol
why am I going to be jamming to this song? hahaha it's in chinese and it's about a carrot going to pizza hut! it's about pizza yall!
dang it! *sexy dances to a pizza song* Jacksons voice can do wonders! (side note: thank you for so many followers, if youd like to see more please like the collection as i don't tag for Got7, thank you guys!)
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How come we can't have Pizza Hut commercials like this?
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hey.. we can't not even in korea hhaha. okay we do have park bo gum and sook jo ki :p
a year ago
@TaraJenner I know right?? and the one and only Jackson Wang everyone *claps*
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I love that Kang Joon and Jackson gif at the end 馃槏馃崟
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it's so cute
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do any body got money to buy pizza becasue I'm hungry now shit Jackson you just made me hungry
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