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Cross Academy isn't ordinary school. Yuki and Zero should be a Guardians who had a task to keep a peace between Night Class, a class for night student, and Day Class, a class for day student. But there is one more big task for them, to keep a secret the true identity of Night Class' student who always blood lust! ------------------------------------------- The first time I read it in Hanalala, I thought it was a cool manga. The story about vampire --handsome and hot vampire, was really interested. I haven't watched the anime yet, because sometimes the dubber was ruined my imagination about their voice (sorry...). But I really do love this manga so much. This manga is recommended! You should read this or (at least) watch the anime! Rating: 8.5/10
My favorite character is Kaname Kuran. He is so hot, yet handsome and charming, and smart, and dominant, and lovers! I like the way he is caring Yuki and protect her. He is so perfect and I do really hope everyday that he is real. (lol)
Question Of The Day: "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THIS MANGA?" (if you have read this manga or watched the anime if you haven't, believe me, you should read or watched the anime)
my favorite character is Kaname ^_^
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*highfives* 😃
totally ♡ this anime i bought the whole dvd collection of vampire knight when my bro when for a job interview at Wal-Mart totally worth it.
sureee xD Hino's art is so beautiful xD
you can google it: vampire knight memories
okaaay. thank you so much ♡♡♡♡
you can google it: vampire knight memories
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