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Today, I discovered BTS's English Names! I thought is was So Cool!
Namjoon is Kyle
Hoseok is Nathan
He has the same name as my Brother
Jin is Alex
Taehyung is Theodore/Theo
JungKook is Timothy/Tim
Yoongi is Cody
Jimin is Brian

What do You guys think about BTS' English names?

Do you think the names suit them?

I am probably a horrible person for admitting this, but when I saw Kookie's English name, my first thought was "Timmeh!!" 馃槅馃槅 (For those who don't get it, it's a South Park reference.)
I guess I don't understand why they'd need English names. I remember reading that MinHyuk from CN Blue had the English name Kyle and I didn't understand it then.
the english names strangely fit them well in my opinion o-o like they look like the names they chose its weird
I agree with you. Especially With Kyle and Cody. Those a names really suit them.
Yea their names do fit them surprisingly, also how do you found out their English names.
They had them listed on a Facts website.
cody suits suga really well
I was thinking the exact same thing. 馃槃
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