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He has officially dropped the stage name "Junior" and will be going forward as Jinyoung from now on. Please remember this when you support GOT7 and Jinyoung in the future! ❤
The selca he posted with this.
@TerraToyaSi I don't keep a tag list and I don't like to steal so I'm gonna tag the GOT7 Mod/Support crew for this card to help spread the word.
Also, feel free to comment a GOT7 tag list if you have one!
First of all, the alert scared me a bit. secondly, I've already been calling him Jinyoung for a while, and only used Junior when I was talking to people, so they new who I was talking more about. xD
@XionHeart i think before he said its because Junior sounds like a childish sorta name and he didnt want to be that forever? i dont know its just a vague memory so dont take my word for it xD
doesn't matter to me what his name is as long as hes doing what he wants and is happy with it same goes to all of got7 all kpop artist everyone!
ill probably end up being like "oh thats juni- i mean shit Jinyoung" lol i love him anyways ❤
@selfishmachines hes just dropping his stage name
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