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He has officially dropped the stage name "Junior" and will be going forward as Jinyoung from now on. Please remember this when you support GOT7 and Jinyoung in the future! ❤
The selca he posted with this.
@TerraToyaSi I don't keep a tag list and I don't like to steal so I'm gonna tag the GOT7 Mod/Support crew for this card to help spread the word.
Also, feel free to comment a GOT7 tag list if you have one!
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Gurrrlllll, you made my heart drop with that title haha. And I'm still gonna probably call him Junior by mistake for a while haha
Hmmm this will take some getting use to. But if that's what he wants to be called, fine by me ^^
But theres too many Jinyoung's in K-pop ;-;
my sentiments exactly
EXTRA!!!!!! but he bae
thank you jeez i was confused as hell too like i thought jinyoung was someone else he just made it easy for me....thanks boo