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Your perspective Pairing: reader x Yoongi ?? Warning: mature content
August 16th I woke up with a killer headache. What the hell happened? Me and Yoongi only went out for a drink and then... An arm suddenly draped across my waist. Yoongi! What the hell was he still doing here? Like hell I didn't want to wake him, not only is he not a morning person but I was sure he'd have a headache much like my own. God knows what he'd be like. I checked my phone to see if anything had come out in the media. 'Jimack is no more', '5 down, 2 to go' and then I saw the worst, 'Was Mack out for a drunken night with Suga from BTS?' What?!? I then went to messages and saw the last text Jungkook sent me last night.
~From Kook: not that bad... Well I guess it's your own fault. Call me in the morning when you're sober, I'll help you sort this out.~ I started to scroll through what I sent him yesterday and almost threw up because I was cringing so much. ~Y/N: Jungkook, help. The media must've seen me and Yoongi at the club or bar or whatever yesterday. What do I do? Plus, he's still in my bed, I'm scared~ It only took a couple of minutes for him to respond, he called me instead. "Firstly, I'd just like to say that it was irresponsible for you both-" "Yeah, thanks dad, now what the hell do I do with him?" "Is he still asleep?"
"Yeah" "Ah! I'd probably just leave him to wake himself up, but make sure there's pills beside him when he does wake up" "Cool, headache pills" "And you need to take some pills yourself" "He used a condom Jungkook!" "No, I mean headache pills as well pabo" God that's embarrassing. "Shit I forgot I've got my first performance this evening. What if he doesn't wake up till then?" "Oh he will, trust me" I carefully moved out of the bed and got myself some headache tablets. After an hour, the headache past and I felt a lot better.
It was 1 in the afternoon by the time Yoongi woke up but at least he was quite calm when he did. "Morning little squish" "M?" "Yep, you crashed here remember?" "Oh... Yeah. Wait did we-" "We had sex Yoongi" "Yeah." "So what now?" "Well we aren't going official or anything" "Why? Wait, what?" "Dating wise. You've got enough stress as it is without the media-" "Dating? Where did this come from?" "I do fancy you Mack. I said that last night I'm sure and... I did mean it"
Number 6. Just like that. It wasn't planned. I wasn't honestly that much in love but I accepted him, I accepted him for multiple reasons. One, to help the media make more of a fool of me and keep up to my new nickname. Two, to get over Jimin. Three, as a stress relief because I'm sure Yoongi isn't the sentimental type, he'll have me in bed as much as possible. Four, because I really hope that if I am living up to my nickname then I'm one step closer to being with Jungkook. Right now, I don't just need some boy toy, I want someone who'll be sentimental and cool af in the long run. Long run or not, at least Jungkook might be a more caring about me than Yoongi. I hope...
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