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My friend Melon-Chan (nickname) claims to hate anime even tho me and my friend have proof that she does not such as she says "oh my mavis" and knew who gray fullbuster is. She also she has already said that she watches an anime yet I forgot which one. Grrrr she makes me so mad. @redwolf35 am I right
Leave her alone and let her be if she doesn't share your views that's her let her be her simple. Doesn't matter if she lies about it she's obviously embarrassed about it and if she won't admit to it she has personal issues she has personal issues to deal with.
@hikaymm tru tru tru
Anyone like that obviously isn't very confident in their own hobbies, which is like the best part of having a hobby like loving anime!!! Still, I wouldn't try to make her admit it - just remind her that its not cool to lie & it's not cool to make fun of something your friends enjoy (aka anime!!)
It's not cool to lie about your hobbies or to make fun of what you love since I have a friend who does that too but it's not anime only what I listen too and she thinks it's too embarrassing and thinks I'm a crazy fangirl for loving this genre
@hikaymm that's is actually accurate