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Alas, the boys of VIXX have come into a few issues right as there 1st Week of promotions have begun.

After the groups MV release of there new title track Fantasy a few days ago, VIXX has officially performed their comeback stage and received a positive response from fans. Whilst Starlights are extremely enthusiastic about the groups latest release, others are starting to get angered after multiple streaming and voting errors.
~(As I'm sure most of you are already aware of) many fans are very upset about the YouTube view counter decreasing and slowing down views on the official MV. Multiple Starlights have been remaining calm and positive, simply continuing to support the MV, however others are getting concerned that there views are not contributing. As the MV views are counted for music shows and are very important, they believe that the MV should be above a million and say that this is greatly hurting VIXX's chances during competitions and music shows. A few of the fans are now requesting that YouTube check there counting system, claiming that there is an error deleting actual video views.
~After voting and streaming for nomination on The Show, VIXX was not included after an error.
While it's reported that the votes will be included in next weeks rankings, fans are upset that they were led to believe the contributions would be included into this weeks system. They claim if VIXX hadn't been nominated fairly then they would not be upset with the program, however after paying money The Show either did not communicate that VIXX's votes would be for next week or an error caused the group to not be counted. Starlight's are waiting for next week, however many fans are claiming that if they are still not included they will sue The Show for allowing fans to pay and then not delivering.
~Fans are furious with SBS News after they mentioned a controversy from 3 years ago. While reporting about the Tiffany controversy, SBS news mentioned Vixx's rising flag controversy, when members Ravi and N were shopping in Japan and picked up a few hats with images similar to the rising star flag on them. They mentioned this however, neglected to inform anyone that this was from 3 years ago and immediately was wrapped up after the company released an official apology. This is causing many netizens to dislike VIXX and multiple viewers are starting to have a negative view of them, not aware that this finished a while back.

My opinions: that no matter what I think it's more productive to just continue streaming and voting than to start arguments. If Starlights unite and get enough recognition, at a certain point there is nothing that will go unnoticed and hurt VIXX's chances. Is it right to threaten The Show? Fans did give there money, and if that money is not being used for what they gave it than it is their right. I think only time will tell on that one, and hopefully this will be resolved next week. I do understand the anger towards SBS and as a news outlet I think they should have been more responsible with giving the full story. I also don't think VIXX and the Tiffany controversy should have been compared, but I do still hope that it will become known to those that now dislike VIXX that this was a while ago.

Although I am a fan of VIXX, I mainly wanted to post this to keep everyone up to date. Rather than getting mad I think we should all put any negative feelings into supporting them, streaming and voting even more than we have been.

What do you think?

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It's a little crazy that all this has happened in the first week of promotions. I know a lot of Starlights are upset and it's a bummer it has effected VIXX's chances at a win. Hopefully, as you said, this will all be resolved by next week. As Starlights, the best we can do it continue voting/streaming and supporting our boys. We must remain positive and not allow ourselves to get pulled into the negativity. Our boys need our support, not a war.
I thank you for posting this information. I hope it spreads more for the positive and informative reasons. I want to see and hear nothing but support for my boys and hope the Starlights that see the negative know the boys enough to question their actions and search for info.
keep streaming guys!! stay positive we are stressed just as much as they are and they are probably upset with the controversy stuff. but just like them let's be professional and support them and each other!! our boys deserve the world and more and they feel the same about Starlights!! #KEVIN4EVER #STREAMINGISASTARLIGHTSLIFE
I thought it was kinda strange how the video wasn't reaching higher numbers....? But we Starlights are not going to let this bring us down,Let's show VIXX how bright us Starlights can shine when they need us the most. Besides I don't mind watching FANTASY it's just so beautiful
Please don't hate but sometimes I feel the voting scale is rigged almost. Like they purposely screw it up so that a different group can win.
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