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AFSFDHFKGWOUUFGDF!!! *breaths* AKADHFDKFKJFB!!!! Ok I think I am done for now...oh who am I kidding Lotto literally had me at that changching...It was only a 14 second teaser and the whole fandom is in an emotional mess...
Ok let's start THERE'S FINALLY A GIRL IN THEIR MV!!!! *whoot* *whoot*
PS She's doing her job their doing there's..so I want NO hate here XD
I'm guessing that kaixiuchen are the gamblers, baeksoo the gangsters, selay the masterminds (more on that later), suyeol the heroes...
So the teaser starts off with the girl running away from something or someone...and the next scene *gasp* Wolves??? Wolf 2.0????
The next scene we have Chanyeol running away with the girl...but look at the man chasing them looks familiar??? Think again...remember the men (the government) from Monster??? You guys thinking what I'm thinking??? Sequel to Monster?!?!?! (more on that later)
Why do I think Selay are the masterminds??? Well if you look at this gif carefully you can see the people in those weird masks...who else were next to them??? The gambling trio and the cockfighting duo of course...so I think the five of them were used as a distraction to keep the weird mask people inside while they search for the girl and bring her back...
Coming back to why I believe this is a prequel...in Monster they talk about falling in love with this girl and how they are dangerous (Monster lyrics: I’ll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up I’ll steal you and indulge in you I’m gonna mess you up I’m engraved in your heart So even if I die, I’ll live forever) Monsters=Wolves....I think that in Lotto they save this girl from the bad guys and take her with them...and in Monsters they start realizing their feelings and start becoming possesive OR....
I don't know about you guys but this seems legit
I honestly love coming up and reading theories but I think the mv is finally gonna end up being EXO winning a lottery and not knowing what to do with the money so some of them gamble, host cockfights, through a party, throw the money away, buy wolves for shit and giggles...
PS I know many of the fans are going crazy over a girl in the mv, but I seriously can't stop thinking about those roosters...I mean why????

Check out the Lotto teaser!!!

One more day to go R.I.P Fandom XD
I can't wait!!!!! Djekwkoxbsk 🙀 🐧💚
omg the part close the end when they dance ugh kill me know chanyeol looked so sexy
Lotto is going to be hands down AMAZING!!! I cannot wait!!
Ahhhhhh I was flipping tables over when Is saw the teaser!!!!! I could not stop rewatching it throughout the day!!!! It probably is connected to Monster and Lucky One, but either it's past or future. I believe it's the past since Baekhyun seems like the bad guy here and he turned out to be good in Monster. Also, when is the MV coming out???? And, who cares if it's a girl? Lots of groups have girls in their videos.
The roosters are for cock fighting
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