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😂Kpop Memes😂: Part 92
I don't get on Vingle as much anymore so I want to talk to you guys, tell me about an experience you've had with crazy fans cause I just had one and I can't believe people are like that omfg.
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@faithmorrison That's racial fetishism, and that is not okay in the slightest.
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This whole racial fetishism thing annoys me though. If I personally prefer a feature or features that one particular race generally seems to have, there's nothing wrong with that. No one ever seems to make a big deal about when people would always go "I like British boys because of their accent," or some other race because of their accent. It’s nothing wrong with finding them attractive. If someone is trying to jump in someone's pants or something like that, then it's a problem. As in if it's disrespectful. If it's not, I don't see how there's anything wrong with it.
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I think that the weirdest is with my Korean friend who just claims that everything is made in Korea and anything is bc of Korea too :/
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@Keldra Alright haha. So I was on instagram and there was this girl that was just spamming how much she wanted to fuck her bias and that if he raped her she wouldn't care, a bunch of crazy shit like that. Then it got worse and she went on to say that she only liked Koreans and that every other guy was disgusting to her.
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...good lord what is wrong with people these days?
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Yeah, the first one about Yoongi's mixtape....that's me....The one with the two dogs, what is that? Is that Zico's instagram? I don't understand the Seungkwan ended whitewashing but I love the Hansol one and body rollin into the next galaxy and the Mingyu one. The second one about Yoongi's mixtape, I almost cried reading the lyrics to Far Away so I'm hesitant on listening to it, so I won't have to worry about catching fire for awhile. Amber shouldn't be made fun of because of the way she dresses though, she's just wearing what's comfortable.
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@kimnam94 the block b alive meme i so funny! and i fangirled when mino defended zico ! MY TWO BIASES!
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