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Omg. I don't know how many times I've watched this. I feel bad for the girl but I can't stop laughing lol
poor kid. I hate to be that kind of person but their fault to being with. the little girl in pink cause the baboon to throw poo at them by throwing a peanut at the cage and the girl in blue did some type of movement with her arms which made the baboon think it was a sign of aggression causing it to feel threatened. But still I feel sorry for the little girl since she had a bad experience at the zoo
Omg the person laughing is makes it more funnier xD
thats why i dont go to zoos
the girls did a good job to provoke the monkey, they had it coming. And this monkey too has a big ego, it could use some meditation.
@danidee i think that's why I think this vid is so funny. I'd have the same reaction as him lol.
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I thought he was dry heaving because the smell of poop lol
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