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I think we just found out..
Who the Boy Met. Cr: owner T-T
IM CRYING NOT OKAYY 😭 •UPDATE• WELL~ It wasn't XD but this is a very good theory xx cred to owner ----------------------------------- Tag List: • A @AimeeH • B @BackwardsRain @Baekyeol27 @Badtz • C @CuteBabyLay @ChelseaGarcia • D @DocLee • E @ESwee @elainarenea @EverieMisfit • J @jiminakpop • K @kpopandkimchi @kpopxanime @kolai4 @kanatm • L @luvexobts @LovelyHana17 @LizaNightshade @lovelikematoi • M @Maribelita @MichelleIbarra @MahelySandoval • R @rosajlm2 • S @sarangseoltang • T @thatphamily • X @xojuliettexox @Xoxojessica12 @xMangaLover • Shout me out in the comments if you want to be added to or removed from this list thank you~
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@xojuliettexox it spells friends
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That's what I think it's saying but I believe it means that BTS meets friends or people that or friendly or something along those lines
Woah that's so crazy
you hear that? that's my mind being blown.
Nice and clear 😂💨
OMO your right!!