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I think we just found out..
Who the Boy Met. Cr: owner T-T
IM CRYING NOT OKAYY 😭 •UPDATE• WELL~ It wasn't XD but this is a very good theory xx cred to owner ----------------------------------- Tag List: • A @AimeeH • B @BackwardsRain @Baekyeol27 @Badtz • C @CuteBabyLay @ChelseaGarcia • D @DocLee • E @ESwee @elainarenea @EverieMisfit • J @jiminakpop • K @kpopandkimchi @kpopxanime @kolai4 @kanatm • L @luvexobts @LovelyHana17 @LizaNightshade @lovelikematoi • M @Maribelita @MichelleIbarra @MahelySandoval • R @rosajlm2 • S @sarangseoltang • T @thatphamily • X @xojuliettexox @Xoxojessica12 @xMangaLover • Shout me out in the comments if you want to be added to or removed from this list thank you~
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@xojuliettexox it spells friends
a year ago·Reply
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That's what I think it's saying but I believe it means that BTS meets friends or people that or friendly or something along those lines
a year ago
Woah that's so crazy
a year ago·Reply
you hear that? that's my mind being blown.
a year ago·Reply
Nice and clear 😂💨
a year ago
OMO your right!!
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