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Hi guys! soooo~ I've been following alot of cards for a few months now... but new to making them! but! ima give it a GO^^~
soooo~ starting my intro... My name is Cherry... yes lol it's my real name..ㅋㅋㅋ im an Aug94' baby... and only discovered kpop/kdrama a year ago while I was living in the USA.. (been an anime/manga fan for over 10years) so I'm just adding to my Asian craze.. hmmm... EXO was my first kpop group... But BTS kinda stole my heart... now I love A LOT! but these two have the top 2 spots... bias: exo: Kaisoo (yes I added them together cuz I can't pic!) BTS: Yoongi! ♡♡ ma boi just blew my mind with his MixTape!!! anyways stop the rambling! please give me some challenges and ideas to start me off, so I can really get the hang of this and be of use to everyone!♡
Thank you~✌
@twistedPuppy I'm a huge fan of Big Bang too! and each ones individual work! I got into them through 'bang bang bang' and GD/Taeyang's collaboration 'Goodboy' ㅋㅋㅋ loved it so much I learned the dance too^^
Glad you are here and "meet" you.
@JaxomB thank you! nice to mèet you as well!!!^^~
you should listen to BigBang
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