Everything felt like it was going to be over for you. 'Me? Jimin? Us?' you were never able to imagine yourself cheating on Hoseok. 'Why was this happening to me? I love Jimin, but not like that. I don't believe this situation. I might get fired, and even worse, I might have to break up with Hoseok. I can't imagine that.' Your head started to come up with unanswered questions and unthinkable thoughts. Hoseok called bang pd, and he asked to talk with you. Hoseok handed the phone over, and he kissed you on the forehead. You needed that comforting kiss. "Hello?" "(Y/n)! What's going on!!!!" He screamed into your ear. You let out a deep breath and told him, "Me and Jimin wanted to go out, but the other members all had something to do... So, we decided to go out and have some fun... But I didn't know this would happen." Bang pd was angered, but he managed to calm down after a while. "I'll call the press and tell them the situation. Go rest." And he hung up. You were on the bed for at least... 2 hours. Bangtan was going to have a concert tomorrow, and you felt like you ruined their vibe. The door opened, but you didn't budge. You felt a familiar touch. Hoseok. You know you didn't do anything wrong to him, but you felt horrible. This whole situation was going to give a bad reputation on bangtan, jimin, and Hoseok. At the thought of hurting them, made you cry. Hoseok hugged you from behind, and rested his head on your shoulder. Then he whispered, "Hey (y/n)" You quickly wiped your tears and said, "Why?" He hugged you tighter and said, "(y/n)" You giggled a little and said, "Why? What do you need?" He kissed your cheek slowly, and you turned your body around facing him. "Don't cry. Everything is going to be fine." You looked down and said, "Hoseok, I'm... I'm sorry.... I-" "What is there to be sorry about? It's not like you really cheated on me?" You smiled. He always knew how to make you smile. Whatever situation it is. You two cuddled for a long time. As Hoseok made circles on your hand he asked, "(y/n), how do you feel?" "I'm okay..." You looked up at him and asked, "Why?" "Uh... During the concert, bang pd-nim wanted you to explain what happened. He's going to send some reporters at the concert hall." You looked down and replied, "Ok.... I just hope I don't ruin the concert." It was the day. You were wearing just a simple hoodie and leggings. You looked outside the window and practice what you were going to say. Hoseok came and asked,"Can you do it? I can do it for you if you can't." You gave him a nervous smile and said, "It's okay hobie, If you say it for me... It might sound like I'm making excuses." He hugged you and said, "That's my girl. That's my (y/n)." You nervously went outside the hotel, and went to the concert hall. You looked at Jimin and said, "Jimin, wish me good luck." Jimin looked down at his feet and said, "Noona, I'm sorry.. If it wasn't for me, this wouldn't have happened." You ruffled his hair and said, "Pabo! I asked for you to wish me good luck, not apologize. besides, it's been like 100 times you've been apologizing to me. And this is going to be my 101 time saying this. It's not your fault. I'm going to explain everything out there." He smiled and hugged you. "Thanks noona." You said these things to comfort him, but inside... You were so nervous and felt so insecure. Bangtan started the concert and it was time for you to go out. You nervously went to meet the people you had to explain to. When you took a step to the stage, You could hear the audience whispering, probably about the 'scandal'. You closed your eyes and focused on Hoseok. '(Y/n), you're doing this for Hoseok, You're doing this for Hoseok.' You kept repeating inside of your head. When you arrived next to the guys, they all gave you a little 'hwaiting'. You finally spoke, "Hi everyone... I'm BTS's manager (Y/n)." The audience was dead silent. You kept going and noticed the reporters were ready for you to talk. Your mouth opened up and explained, "I just wanted to explain what happened. Jimin and I wanted to go have some fun, but the others had so much things to do... So, us two went out but, we weren't expecting to get this kind of target. We never could've imagined that we were going to be in this situation. Umm..... I.. will never ever ever, cheat on Hoseok. That is unimaginable. I'm sorry, if I made you guys worry." You bowed down, and continued, "Please... Don't hate the boys. Don't hate any of bangtan." You just bursted out crying. 'Stop. Stop.' You thought to yourself.. But, you couldn't. About a minute later some of the audiences shouted out, "울지마! (Don't cry!" Later, all of them were chanting that. You looked up in disbelief. Hoseok hugged you, and later on the whole group gave you a big hug. You thanked everyone for it. The audience quickly changed the chanting to: "Kiss!" You were so surprised! Here? In this big stage? Right now? Did they forgive me?You looked at the members with wide eyes and when you turned around, Hoseok was slowly leaning towards you. "Hoseok, there are people here..." "It doesn't matter." And he kissed you. Infront of hundreds and hundreds of people. You were all his.
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