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I must be more than a wreck lost at sea.
losing my sight.
I can't see.Am i a wreck?Or am i just lost at sea?Did i lose my sight?Or am i trying to see things i'm supposed to feel?Rhetorical questions hurt.
But i'd rather be abstractthan say exactly how i feel.Saying i've been feeling the effect of cutting onions way too often
is easier than saying i've been weeping. Crying. Sweating through my eyes.When wrecks lost at sea are found
they are treated like treasure,they are valued,some are even loved. Maybe i should wait for someone to find me.
Maybe she'll want to keep me when she does find me.
Maybe i should find myself before she finds me.Maybe i haven't lost my sight.Maybe i just lost sight of what makes me a gem.There was once a fine line between the version of me that i hate
and the version of me that i love.That line isn't so fine anymore.