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Kayelynn's nerves were in overload as she watched everyone head towards the door. Everyone that is except for Joe and Phillip. Joe pulled him to the side where they began to whisper. Phillip looked over at Kayelynn with a look of sadness on his face. Taecyeon looked at the two before he stepped outside. He held up his hand as a way to stop the boys. "Hold on a second." Phillip walked over to Kayelynn and put his hand on her shoulder. She was still beaming at the feel of his touch. "Kayelynn, I'm so sorry. We were supposed to have the new van before you arrived. But as of right now, we only have enough room for eight. I'm legal to drive here in the U.S. but I always have to make calls and such, so, that is why we keep Joe around." He smiled as he looked back at Joe who now had a smirk across his face. Her smile had slowly began to fade. She didn't let it disappear completely. She didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. In Guk came back in the house when he realized no one had followed him out. He looked at Taecyeon's eyes and followed his gaze. "What's going on?" He asked. Min Seok spoke up first. "She's not coming." "Why?" In Guk said with concern in his voice. "The van never showed up. There's no room."Commented Woo Bin. Jungook and Jimin started to whisper to eachother. They seemed to be contemplating a plan. At the same time they both shouted, "We'll stay!"
Kayelynn's smile returned for a second. She then began to notice everyone was staring with a saddened look upon their faces. "No, no. It's okay." She broke the silence. "I can stay, tour the rest of the house, get settled in, and learn my new gadgets." She held up the tablet and cellphone. "Thank you anyway, but you guys should get going." She nodded as if she needed to confirm to herself that she was really okay. She looked at them all again. They half smiled and bowed before walking out the door. Phillip apologized once again and promised they'd get to have introductions when they returned. He told her that her room was at the top of the stairs and to the left in the corner. She nodded again and started to walk towards the door so that they could get going. "We'll be back as soon as possible, then we can all get to know each other better. Maybe over lunch, or dinner depending our return. Remember, help yourself to anything if you get hungry." Phillip tapped her on the shoulder again and finally walked out the door. Kayelynn took a deep breath and looked around. Her stomach began to rumble. Since she lied about eating to Phillip, she was glad they were gone. It sounded like a dinosaur was trapped. She went into the kitchen to have a look around. When she opened the fridge her jaw dropped. There were so many take out containers! She pushed them aside and found a few storage containers with names on them. They belonged to Jungkook and Jimin. Curious, she took one out and peeked inside. It looked like bibimbop. It smelled delicious. She decided to give the cupboards a try. Nothing was really sounding that good. She pushed a few packages of ramen out of the way and jackpot! Smore's Poptarts! She devoured them like she hadn't eaten in weeks, paying close attention not to leave any crumbs. When her tummy was finally satisfied, she grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and headed up the stairs. When she approached the room she paused. This house was so amazing as is, she couldn't imagine what was behind the door to her room. She took a few more breaths and turned the knob. It was as if she was dreaming. The bed, the decor, and the view! Even a balcony that seemed to wrap around the house. "Wow." She gasped.
* * * * * * "Hyung. This isn't right." Min Seok said to Phillip as he entered the van. "How can we just leave her here alone? She just got here. We barely got to say hello." All the boys shook their heads in agreement. "I know this sucks..." Phillip began, but was cut off by Jungook. "But she's our guest. She's here for us, and the first thing we do is ditch her?" Again, all the boys were in agreement. "This was supposed to be our free weekend. To get to know our fan a little. Doesn't the company care?" Asked Jimin. "Look, we'll get to know her. Let's just get today done as soon as possible. I'll see what I can do to extend our free weekend. Deal?" Phillip asked. They all agreed. Joe started the van and they took off. Phillip rested his head against the headrest and closed his eyes. He was remembering they day the company sprung the contest on him. Last month the company executives asked to speak to Phillip before he and the troop left for the states. They explained with it being their first production they wanted to bring the fans from the United States involved. They held a contest in which the fans had to write an essay as to how they fell in love with kdramas and or kpop. They had ten finalists in mind but wanted the input of the troop to find the right one. Phillip read them over and chose his top three. Then he went down the line with each of the boys to have them pick their top three. Each one of them had one in common. The company had sent a letter to Kayelynn to congratulate her. With it they had also asked her to fill out a form, somewhat of a biography. Phillips idea, his way of trying to make her comfortable once she arrived. Questions simple enough, name, age, family life. Favorite movies, what she liked to do for fun, and foods. Food...he remembered. They were supposed to go shopping for some of her favorite foods. "Hey guys, we have to go shopping after we finish today." They all looked at him with curious faces. "I wanted to have some of her favorite foods in the house. I'm sure she's not going to like everything we do." It dawned on them that he was right and they all began talking about what kind to buy. Phillip pulled out the questionaire. He smiled as he waved it in the air in front of them. Their saddened faces were gone now since they found a small way to make up for them ditching her. The rest of the ride was filled with laughter.
* * * * * * Kayelynn took the time to settle into her room. She didn't have that many clothes, it only took a couple of minutes to put everything away. She realized she hadn't brought much of home with her. A photo of her mother and one of her grandfather were placed next to the bed. Other than that, nothing really said that this was her room. She stood for a minute contemplating before coming to the realization that she was just a guest. She smiled to herself. "What should I do now?" She thought. "Hmm, a shower. I should get one in before they come back. One girl in a house full of need for embarrassing moments."She grabbed her caddy and headed to the bathroom. She looked into the mirror at how out of place she was feeling. "It's just nerves Kayelynn. Get over it. I won, I'm here. Let's make the best of it." She thought to herself as she pulled out the hair tie that had been her sense of style for years. She turned on the hot water and drenched herself into the cool water.
After her refreshing time in the glorious bathroom she walked to the balcony. The wind was warm and flowing wildly. The view of the water was so beautiful, she was still pinching herself to see if this was real. She heard her phone vibrating and quickly went to retrieve it. When Kayelynn checked her phone she realized it wasn't the one vibrating. She looked around to where she had placed the one that Phillip had given her. The vibrating stopped just as she had picked it up. It was a text message. Hey Kayelynn. Sorry, but things are looking like they will last a bit longer than we anticipated. We will try to hurry. Is there anything you need? Phillip. A small frown started to creep on her face. They were going to be gone for quite some time. She thought quickly if she needed anything. Nothing came to mind. She sent a quick reply. I'm okay, I do not need anything thank you. Take your time. Kayelynn. Kayelynn decided to take a nap. She set an alarm for just a couple of hours. What seemed like ten minutes the phone went off. It was another text message. She read that they were going to be gone at least another couple of hours. She looked at the time and realized she must have slept through her alarm. It was eight p.m. Her stomach started to growl. Food. I need something to eat. Kayelynn headed back down to the kitchen and rummaged through the cupboards. She settled on a couple more poptarts. Still not feeling comfortable with eating anything she felt like, she felt that something small was better. Grabbing another water from the fridge she headed up to her room. Kayelynn decided to give her mom a call after feeling bad for not doing so earlier. She described everything from the flight to laying her eyes on all the beautiful eye candy. After the I love you's she hung up and stared at the water once again. The sun was setting below the horizon. The sun set so late here, it was something she would have to get used to. She took a bite into the poptart, but as she turned to head back into her room she looked at the figure standing on the balcony next to her. It was Seo In Guk. Startled, she nearly spit out the food and almost choked at the same time. This seemed to put a smile on his face. She looked at him with guilt on her face as they both looked at the breakfast food she was holding in her hand. She quickly ran to her room and ruffled through her purse. Seo In Guk was watching her every move as he leaned over his side of the balcony. When she came back she quickly rushed over to him. She placed the other full poptart and some cash onto his ledge, quickly apologized and ran back into her room. Seo In Guk looked down and back at her with a confused look on his face. He watched her fall onto her bed and cover herself with the pillow. "What was that about?" he asked himself.