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So I'm late as usual but here's week 2.

1. GIF of Your Monsta X Bias Wrecker

Hyungwon and Wonho literally switch between being my bias and my bias wrecker.

2. Video of I.M Evil Cackling

I think you have to click on the little link at the bottom of the picture but as I said before I'm not really good at posting videos. But I love how he cackles and everyone just laughs along with him.

3. A Picture of I.M. Morning face

Loved this episode.

4. Picture of Shownu Diving in the Ocean

I still need to watch Laws of the Jungle with him.

5. A Video of Wonho trying to Kiss Hyungwon

My lovely OTP 2WON! Then Hyungwon turns the tide!

6. Video or Picture of Kihyun Crying

It's always a happy sad for me when I see them cry. Even if they're crying happy tears.

7. Favorite Fanart Picture of Hyungwon

I know it should probably be Hyungwon himself but I really loved this scene in All In so Minhyuk is there also.

8. A Picture of Jooheon wearing Grills

This was difficult for me to find :\

9. A Video of Kihyun Cooking

He starts around 7:14 and I.M is helping him.

10. A Video of Cutest Moment of Shownu

He's just to cute here!

11. 5 Pictures of Monsta X with 5 Any Different Groups

With all of Starship Entertainment, Seventeen, Red Velvet, Big Bang, and GOT7

12. Favorite Video of Monsta X Song/MV

Of course I love their main songs that they promote but I have a song from each cd that I love. Steal Ur Heart, Broken Heart, and now Stuck. I love their outfits and I'm glad that they get to perform an amazing songs. Plus I love their outfits here.