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Because there have been several people doing this and I'm supporting one of my fellow Vinglers

Let's take a swing at what I've gone through, share some stories and my treatments!

Remember that your Vingle community is here for you and if you ever need to vent, or just need a shoulder, we're here for you.


I've lived with this for several years. Only recently, after years of being told I was just being silly, did I finally go see someone. Of course, I never saw a doctor but was quickly diagnosed by a nurse practitioner! I have a very large issues with ordering food, making phone calls, etc. It a social thing. I'm getting better with it with the help of my mother. BUT my aniexty is not limited to only social things, a few months ago I had an aniexty induced asthma attack because of something my exhusband had done. I stopped breathing and collapsed on the living room floor. It's a scary thing

Severe Depression

Again, I was only diagnosed recently but I've suffered since my early teens. My depression is something I try not to acknowledge but I have my down days. It also causes me to have really bad anger issues that I'm working past. In the past my depression reached a low and I was on the verge of suicide but I decided that it wasn't worth it. Today I strive not to reach that low again because I have my son to live for.


If you've read my ongoing series Run From Death, you'll notice the recurring moving shadows and lurking figures. Dun-Dun-Dun! These are some of the issues I deal with! When my depression sinks low and I 'relapse', I will start seeing figures. It's starts off small with shadows in the corners but the more I sink the bigger the figures become. They gain shape and even faces or other details. At first they would set back my aniexty and I would have a panic attack but I learned to live with it. Sometimes the figures are bigger than my brother (who stands 6'9 and has shoulders more broad than Jin's) and sometimes they are as small as a bug.


For my aniexty and depression, I've taken pills in the past that have worked wonderfully but I couldn't go back to the doctor. With my depression I strive everyday to start positive! I smile brightly and I try to be happy. My aniexty is the same. When I feel overwhelmed, I take a step back and take a breath. I put my mind in a better place and try my best to put it past me. With my undiagnosed condition I do my best not to sink. It's hard some days but my mother and younger brother know about my condition and know how to pull me from an episode.
Oh hey and this bae helps. JoonBug is my UB for a reason you know
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Dude, the same thing would happen to me when I suffered from severe depression. I even made some of my hallucinations into monsters in the game I'm planning. I took Prozac, but I had an allergic reaction to it and ended up getting amnesia. At least it did help me in other areas but now I'm doing fine.