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DAY 59 - Favorite yaoi anime?

Like I've said in another card, I have never watched a yaoi or yuri anime. I may watch one day but for now the closest I've gotten was some bromance. Naruto and Sasuke accidently kissed twice. And also the Kaichou wa Maid-Sama kiss, Takumi kisses a guy in his class in front of Misaki. So, yeah that's about it. Spark up a conversation with some other Yaoi fans that have watched Yaoi anime!

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what YOUR favorite yaoi anime is!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
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My fav yaoi is a tie between Sekai ichi Hatsukoi and Koisuru Boukun!
never watched a yaoi anime
god I just love Love Stage!!!
I love Ai No Kusabi, I don't know why I just love it, the story it tells is awesome, but weird
sekaiichi hatsukoi is beautiful🌈