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Hi, my little Trustees. Sorry, I haven't been able to update the sorry like how I was when I first started. It has been so hectic. I had to take a final test but the teacher was no longer there, then I have to work lots of overtime, then start packing for college down in Houston. So my life has been turned upside down. But I know yoou guys aren't here for my life sotry but for these two guys. Guess who else is here as well.... You'll have to read to find out Here are the other chapters if you are just now joining us. Chapter 1 : The Introduction Chapter 2 : The First Encounter
"That guy last night was pretty good. I wonder as to how long it takes him to write his music. But Hongbin was right when he said he had an "angelic" voice. I didn't realize it at the time, but it kind of seemed like we were forcing him to play the piano for us and he didn't really want to. Maybe sometimes this week I should go back and apologize for doing so and so suddenly. Now that I really think about it for a minute, I kind of kept finding myself staring at him while we were there. Even while he was playing, I zoned out to listen to the melody so intensively that I wasn't paying attention. I sincerely didn't mean to within all honesty. He just seemed so into his piece so much to the extent that he seemed so to himself, but the moment that he began to sing, it was as if he was a whole new entirely different person altogether. I hope I didn't come off as a weird person or anything. It's just that it was just so....amazing." Ravi suddenly stopped walking back and forth in his bedroom. Realizing that he was beginning to start falling in too deep into the situation and into Leo in general.
"Right now I need to focus and stop worrying about that and get to work on time or I'll be right." He said to himself while shaking his head to get any other ideas out of his head before he started going on again.
"For some reason yesterday N-ssi was being so adamant about me meeting one of his really close friends today. I mean, I don't have a problem with it or anything so don't get me wrong. I'm just not all that excited about it, besides I don't even know the guy so why should I be getting excited over that anyways. But then again I never know, he might be pretty chill."
Ravi continued his conversation with himself again as he was getting ready to head out to work. His overall standard type of uniform consisted of him wearing a long sleeve, button down shirt, khaki pants, and the shop apron. But because he kept getting distracted by his own thoughts, he ended up have to dash to work and still managed to make it work with enough time to spare. About an hour into his shift began the start of rush hour and made it quite hectic in the cafe. But Ravi could handle it considering that nine o'clock on the dot was the usual rush hour since people were heading into work or running errands first thing in the early morning.
He manages to catch a break but was soon cut short to soon be greeted by two guys walking into the cafe. One of them looked to be young enough to still be a high school student or just starting college as a freshman. While the other looked to be in his early to mid-twenties and living without a single care in the world. Kind of like an entrepreneur, except lazier.
"Wah, must be nice to be so carefree and not have to have a lot of responsibility like that. It's been a while, besides going out with Hongbin last night...." Just the thought of last night made him start to trail off and start thinking about Leo once again. "Aissh, why does he have to keep popping up in my head....I would even find myself weird if I keep this up."
The two men walked past Ravi with a nod of their heads and moved towards the bar to soon be greeted by N-ssi. He took their orders and made them some different designs based on the first impression. At least that is what N-ssi told Ravi that is what he did when serving an order that he has enough time to do so. One of the was an adorable panda the other a very elaborate heart. The way that they were all talking together make it seem as though they had known each other for years upon years. Then it clicked with Ravi,"Oh, that must be the friend that N-ssi was telling me about before and he must have brought a friend with him, whichever one it may be."
Just before he had a chance to really process what had just clicked in his head, N-ssi started beckoning him to come over. "Ravi, this is my "friend" that I was telling you about, Ken, and this here is another friend, Hyuk, who decided to join Ken today."
"Ah, hi. My name is Ravi. It is a pleasure to meet you." "Why, hello there Ravi, I am Ken and this here is Hyuk. It is nice to meet you as well. So what made you want to work here with N." "Well, it is close to my school and I have always enjoyed the thought of being able to make coffee and try to make it so it can be something of my own. Being able to put a smile on somebodies face just from the gesture of making a design in their coffee to brighten up their day if it started off on the wrong fo..." Suddenly blushing from talking a little bit too much about his passions and why. "What, why did you stop talking. I thought that was quite interesting about how deeply passionate you are able working as a barista. Not many people would be willing to say that themselves because they are too embarrassed to do so." Ken said with the biggest smile, trying his best to comfort the now embarrassed Ravi. "Ha.. sorry. I really didn't mean to start trailing off like that. Sorry" He kept bowing to show how sincere he was with his apology. "Ravi, it is alright. Ken, he is usually like this so take a little time for him to warm up a little bit more." N had his hand on Ravi's shoulder to keep him from apologizing anymore. After that Ravi found it a tad bit hard to try to make a comfortable conversation with the two guys, so he just stood back and listened to them talk. It was a lot more comfortable for him anyways. Soon the shop had to close and Ken had come back to pick up N. Ravi could sense something was going on between them but wasn't so sure, so he decided to just keep the thought at the back of his mind. Besides, he couldn't walk up to them and ask them that out of pure random. It wasn't within himself to do so. After seeing them off the thought of Leo entered his brain again for probably the fifth time that day. "I might as well go ahead and see if they are still open so my conscience can be cleared of this once and for all. If not then I will go during my lunch break tomorrow, because this is starting to drive me bonkers and confused all at the same time." He gets back to his apartment and heads straight towards the garage to get his car to get there in time enough. But unfortunately, he didn't make it and then noted for a "just in case" scenario the timing of when the restaurant closed so he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Next day, everybody was back to their daily schedules. Whether going from class to class or hanging with friends even clubs or sports. Ravi was in the library and decided that he should get a breath of fresh air instead of studying indoors all of the time. He found a garden out back and was shocked to find out that he had never been out back here before. It looked so beautiful and colorful. Adding a calming effect to the area to make you not ever want to leave ever. He walked further in to find a familiar figure in the section of the garden that looked like was still in the process of being finished. Then he heard humming ever so faintly and the tune sounded so familiar, but from where. So he eased up a little further and caught a glimpse of his face. It was Leo. Of all the people to be out here it was Leo, working hard to make the garden so welcoming to anybody who came back here. "Um...hi. Aren't you Leo?" Leo jumped at the sudden appearance of somebody here in the garden, let all someone talking to him that actually know what his name was. All he could do was nod his head and kept working so as to not have to make eye contact with him. "Oh, nice. What a coincidence that you are you. Do you work here or something?' "....No, I am a student here.....I just take care of the garden since nobody else does." "Oh..really. Well, it looks so amazingly, beautiful in here. You did this all by yourself. That is unbelievable." He just nodded his head again. A small smile started to spread across his face from hearing all of these compliments to him. Since nobody really knew who he was he would be out here and they would just keep going without saying how nice it was. He felt as though his efforts had finally done something. "T-T-Thank y-you. You didn't have to say that." "But I am being so sincere when I say this, that I have never seen anything so magnificent as this in my entire life..." Ravi had to stop mid sentence and catch himself because he was starting to do it again. Where he starts to talk a little more than he is usually comfortable with. "Sorry. I was starting to talk a little bit too much there...hehe," he said as he scratched the back of his head in discomfort. "...It is okay. But thank you anyways. If you don't mind , I am going to try to finish this up before the lunch break is over." "Ah, sure. Oh, I wanted to apologize for my friend and I the other day. We didn't mean to make it seem like we were forcing you to play, but my friend really wanted to hear you play. But that is still no excuse for that type of behavior. So will you please forgive us." Ravi said as he gave a deep ninety-degree bow to show his sincerity for the inconvenience. When Leo looked around, he got flustered because he didn't find it to be an inconvenience in the slightest bit. He enjoyed himself for once with other people. "Ah, stop. It was fine. It was fun for me as well. I hadn't done it in a while, so I enjoyed myself quite a bit the other day. But thank you for think of how I felt. It did catch me a little bit off guard considering that nobody really says much to me because they are too scared." "Really are you sure. Besides, why would people be scared of you? You just look like you are a reserved person. Nothing to be fearful of." "I don't really know. But I'm used to it anyways." "maybe they just don't know how to approach you that's all. Because for me, it is usually hard for me to approach somebody and make a good conversation." From then on their conversation went very smoothly. Ravi helped Leo finish up what he had to do and talked the entire way back to their classes. It was unexpected for both of the considering how both of them were.