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BTS (Jimin Part 2)

안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back),
Here is some of the other fanfiction parts:
Jimin was in second place in the poll. So I hope you guys enjoy.
(Y/n)'s POV:
“Ugh, this is so frustrating!” I screamed and then blew my nose. The doctor said it was just my allergies combined with a weaken immune system caused by overworking myself and stress. “Tell how you really feel,” said a voice filled with laughter on the other end of the phone. “What’s so funny?” I asked with a nasally voice. “Nothing, but I did tell you not to over work yourself.” “I know, Jimin, I just… I just wanted to get work done so I didn’t have to do it later,” “Okay, Workaholic.” “I’m not a workaholic. If anything you work a lot more than me,” I said trying to hit at him that he needed to let go every once in a while.
“Okay, I got the hint. I’ll relax more,” he said with a chuckle. “Hey, (Y/n),” Tae screamed in the background. I giggle “Tell Tae I said hi back.” I heard Jimin tell him in an annoyed tone. “Hey, about earlier, you seemed upset. You okay?” “When earlier?” “Before we left for the doctor.” “I wasn’t upset about anything, but you being sick.” I could hear the lie in his voice. He was hiding something from me. Although, I don’t know what, but I could guess. It was probably Kat. Is he cheating on me? No, Jimin would never do that. Would he? I might just be over thinking things.
"Jiminie, we have to get ready for practice," Jin called on the other end of the phone. I giggled at his pet name. "Ugh, okay!" He screamed back sounding frustrated. "Hey, Babe. I got to go. Can I see you at your dorm after practice?" "Of course, my Jiminie," I teased. I heard his faint chuckles before he hung up the phone. Now I have nothing to do. Everyone was going their regular schedule, but because doctor's orders I have to stay home and 'rest'. If the doctor knew me, he would know that there was no resting with me.
"Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!... Oh, God. Why?" I whined. I hate being sick. It is the worse because I can't do anything productive. "Ding-Dong!" The doorbell went off. I was surprised because I wasn't expecting anyone. I slowly get to the door and when I open it I get a special surprised. " Hey, I heard you were sick and I'm off right now so I just wanted to bring you some things to help you get well," It was Mark from GOT7. He and I were really close before we all debuted, but being busy with work has caused us to grow apart. "What?" He lifted up a basket full of stuff to make homemade soup and other things to boost my immune system.
Being the Mark that he is be got passed me and to the kitchen. Ignoring my constant protest, he continued to step up to cook. "We haven't talked in about three months and you show up out of the blue at my front door?" I was confused. Mark never did anything like this for anyone before, that I know of anyways. "Isn't that what friends are for. Being there when you need them?" I squinted my eyes at him. "What?" I paused. "What are you up to?" He sighed and started to stir the pot of stew he was making. "Look, can I just spend so time with you for once? I mean we haven’t seen each other in months and we’ve grown apart. I just want my friend back. I really need one right now,” he seemed to be sincere, but he was hiding something else from me.
I didn’t want to push, so I let him stay. Plus, no one will be home until later and I don’t want to be alone right now. I tried to help him with the stew, but he wouldn’t let me and made me go sit on the couch. After he got done mixing the ingredients, Mark came and sat down next to me while he waited the stew to finish. We both had started to watch some TV. We both had a lot in common when we became friend and nothing had changed. We laughed at the same things and everything. When it came to commercial break we started to catch up with each other. “So what was the doctors’ verdict?” “He said it’s a combination of me overworking myself, stress and my allergies,” I replied. “That sucks. You just need to take a break every once in a while,” “It’s not like you don’t do the exact same thing. Achoo!” Mark handed me a tissue form the box near us. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” “Thanks for being here by the way. I really didn’t want to spend my day by myself,” I said and blew my nose in the tissue he handed me.
“Oh, stews ready,” he jumped up and ran into the kitchen when he heard a beeping noise. I smiled, remembering how he use to help his Mom in the kitchen when we were younger. We both ate the stew, which wasn’t half bad. We joked around like we use to when we were little. “(Y/n), I have to tell you something…” I was confused by his sudden change of attitude. “Okay, what’s up?” He leans in quickly and placed a peck on my lips. “Woah!” I screamed pushing him away with my hand on his chest. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” He looked embarrassed. “Mark, it’s just…” I didn’t want to lose my friend because he had feelings for me. “Mark, where are you going? Let’s just talk about it,” I tried to stop him. He opened the front door and was about leave. I grabbed his arm and he stopped.
Jimin’s POV:
I decided that to surprised her. I got her favorite sweets and headed to her dorm. It really took everything in me to do all my work and not leave in the middle of it to go see (Y/n). I finally got to her dorm and went upstairs. I was down the hall. I stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She’s …
(What did Jimin see? What was (Y/n) doing? Find out in part 3)
Thanks for reading,
Luna Fergus
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yah!!!! I need to know what he saw!!!!
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg what is gonna happen!?
Please tag me, thank you.
Please tag me~^^
lol😂 his part 3 is coming soon
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