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Well @watermage initiated this game it seems, and @OtakuDemon10 tagged me in this. So, this is a randomizing game where you end up in certain relationships with characters. You choose 15 characters you like, from a fandom, or whatever. Real or not real. I decided to make this a bit different, by doing only characters from the Monogatari series. I only have one male character though. The perverted MC, of course. So, the relationships were as follows: 1. Parent : 2. Sibling : 3. Grandparent : 4. Haunts you : 5. Romantic Partner : 6. Your Ex : 7. Your Bestfriend : 8. Proposed to you : 9. Your Boss : 10. The random person you met at the Bar : 11. Your rival : 12. Gave you your first kiss : 13. Drunk and Singing Karaoke : 14. Played Seven Minutes in Heaven with : 15. Gave you your favorite dessert : My results, are as follows.
Parent: Sodachi Oikura I'm glad I'm already great at math, otherwise she would be on me about it :D But I wonder how she would raise me. Knowing how she grew up, I'm sure she wouldn't want me to have the same experience... right... RIGHT!?
Sibling: Shinobu Oshino Awesome. Not only half or full vampire, but I get an adorable sister like her, who hopefully stays in her child form.
Grandparent: Mayoi Hachikuji As a grandparent? Interesting. She is actually a lot older than she looks. She is also rather mature. I could accept it, so long as I don't constantly end up lost.
Haunts you: Oshino Ougi She has GOT to be the best option for haunting. I would LOVE being haunted by her probably. She already has that kind of atmosphere anyway, plus she is possibly the most beautiful character in the series in my opinion. (Tough call though). She would be fun to have around.
Romantic Partner: Suruga Kanbaru I have no complaints. She would be fun, nice, and... well... VERY kinky. Seriously, I had several other not-so-innocent pictures to choose from on Google, because she is very flirtatious and kinky. I chose clean pictures though, of course. I sort of like people like that, actually. Maybe. They kind of excite me.
Your Ex: Black Hanekawa Oh boy, getting clean pictures was also not easy for her. Probably because the majority of the time that Hanekawa was in this form, she wore only her underwear. She is part cat. Anyway, my ex, huh? Wow, what a catch I lost. Then again, she may have tried to kill me a few times.
Your Bestfriend: Yozura Kagenui Best Friend, huh? I wonder if were business partners then? She isn't exactly friendly, so perhaps that's it. Actually though, under the right circumstances, I may be likely to be friends with someone like her.
Proposed to you: Yotsugi Ononnoki Why did she propose to me? Was it to try and claim me for my own safety? Was it... just because? Knowing her, I'm at least 150% sure it was "Just because." I'm not complaining though.
Your Boss: Nadeko Sengoku Hmm, well she does not strike me as a "Boss," but rather she was regarded as a "God" at some point for reasons I will not reveal, so I guess I'm a servant or a follower? Oh well, might be fun to know her personally.
The random person you met at the Bar: Tsubasa Hanekawa I wouldn't expect to see her at a bar. Black Hanekawa probably took get there. While I would probably not be caught dead in a bar, she is quite nice, and it would be a fun experience probably.
Your rival: Karen Araragi She is probably the most likely one for me to end up the rival of. Why? She strikes me as quite competitive. It wouldn't be a hostile rivalry, just a fun and possibly slightly action-packed rivalry.
Gave you your first kiss: Izuko Gaen Well she is a genius and a beauty, so I wouldn't complain. I would expect it to be quite nice, and then she would disappear "Just because."
Drunk and Singing Karaoke: Koyomi Araragi THANK GOODNESS I got him for something like this, though best friend would have been acceptable. Honestly, if he got drunk, I could see him doing this. It wouldn't surprise me. *Bonus: Look at that hair!*
Played Seven Minutes in Heaven with: Hitagi Senjougahara OH HECK YEAH! Well, I reeealy like Senjougahara, and put her at top three of my waifus from all series, plus she is gorgeous. Don't let her fool you though. She is quite strong. Also not afraid to fight. I really love that personality of hers too. One of my favorite lines from her: *Speaking to her lover over the phone* "Good luck. If you can't do it by tonight, please kill yourself." *hangs up*
Gave you your favorite dessert: Tsukihi Araragi Ah, she is quite a sweet girl... mostly. Cute, and kind... a little perverted though... and sort of has a brother complex I think. But, I think she can cook well. She is probably most likely to treat me to sweets... maybe.
Here's the evidence. No cheats, I am innocent. Well this was fun! My GOODNESS this took a long time. But, it's worth it when I know people enjoy these, plus I dis. Thanks for reading! I don't know how to link yet, so just go to the original owner's card if you want to play, and there will be a link to a randomizing site. Or just randomize them on your own! Thanks again everyone, now I will tag my... friends? @Taylor18920 @SimplyAwkward @OtakuDemon10 @JacobRivas @P1B2Bear Also, if anyone wants to be tagged in my cards, feel free to ask! Comments are welcomed too! So, hope you enjoyed!