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The True Artists of Kpop

Kpop artists aren't just great singers or dancers...

This is made purely out of fun, not trying to make fun of anyone^^

EXO's Kris (Yi Wufan)

VIXX's Leo

B1A4's Gongchan

Infinite's Hoya

Teen Top's Neil

Seventeen's Wonwoo

Okay, basically all of Seventeen >.<

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I remember that episode of Weekly Idol when VIXX came on, Leo drew and the rest of the group had to guess. I don't know how they could tell what each drawing was that Leo drew but they did in seconds and it was hilarious. I was highly impressed!
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don't forget Rainbow's Jaekyung she is a really good artist! she also designed and produced her own bag, makes her own beauty products, makes outfits for herself and her dog, makes furniture, pottery, and jewelry!
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I love when idols draw... IT'S SO DARN CUTE!! 馃槃馃挋
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Adorable. I just love this facet of our idols.
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