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Wild n Chic Tuesday
I'm filling in for @StefaniTre today.
Just take a moment to admire this beautiful man in black!!! OMG isn't he dreamy!
I remember hearing about him being in a movie other then the ZEDD one. I just couldn't remember what the name was. Let's just say I'm on a mission to find it and watch it :)
I don't know but there's something about a wet Casper that just makes me feel all fuzzy inside!!!
And his eyes omg his eyes are I wouldn't be able to keep eye contact with him in person because every time I would look into his eyes I would get weak in the knees...
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The movie hasn't been released yet. ♡ It's supposed to be released in September
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@merryjayne13 not at all love. I plan to make a card on it in a week ♡ I have photos and such ♡
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