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It is my favorite day of the week! It's time to celebrate the man that owns my heart. My ultimate bias. Mr. T.O.P!
Sit back while I share some of the reasons why I adore this man.
He is precious angel of a man-child.
He's got some serious dance skills. Sign me up to be his partner any day!
He is a wonderful uncle to his adorable nephew. It seriously melts my heart every time I see a new photo of the two of them.
And I love how he can go from being a complete goofball one minute...
To being one of the sexiest beings alive and destroying everyone around him the next minute! How does he do that?
I need answers people!
I ran out of space on this card for photos so I will end it here. I'm just throwing this last one in because I have never wanted to be a chair more than in this moment.
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i so wanna be that chair 😳
i swear i love him with blue hair! ❤
Yes my favorite day too!!!! love this ♡TOP♡ guy😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
@CynthiaForeman Mint TOP is one of my favorites too!