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Where did you think you would be when you finally reached the age you are right now?

Do you think that, even if it's not exactly where you thought you'd be, the younger version of yourself would still really think you're cool?

Little Danidee always thought that, at this age, I'd be swigging Cosmopolitans with Carrie Bradshaw and working as a magazine editor in Manhattan. Maybe I'm not doing that right now, but hey, I think I'm still pretty cool.
I thought I'd be a world-renowned marine biologist and inventor, who had finally unlocked the key to communication with cetaceans. I was going to use any accumulated wealth to feed and house America's poor.
You can still do it! I believe in you lol.
im not where I hoped I'd be but at least I'm not where my teachers that I would be...those bastards
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Oh right of course.. >.> COUGHCOUGHCOUGH.
It was the only thing I didn't think of when I was a child. I'm an in-the-moment person
I'm the opposite. It's all I thought about, and it was INCREDIBLY unrealistic lol.
My life is not what I thought it would be. I figured at this age I would be working, in a lab, not unemployed and being told the only thing impressive about me is my education; for my college me dream job. Kept my nose in the books to make my college terms memorable for my bachelor's degree. Is on the national honors society. On the other side of the tracks, being told I'm overly qualified for some minimum wage jobs, because I have 9 degrees. I think the 10 year old me would hug me and tell me there's a light at the end of my tunnel, not to give up.
DON'T GIVE UP. I feel like you'll find your career 'home' eventually.
So far so not great but doing good. I think I'm doing about 80 percent of my cool factor. and I think danidee is cool
Oh man, I don't know if I'm ready for what you'd be like at 100% cool capacity.
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