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Korea has some crazy strict laws when it comes to what is shown on TV.

Here are four common ways to get your group banned from a music show.*

*These are all rules linked to performing on air, not necessarily from other forms of promotion^^

1. Use of Brand Names

Most recently, VIXX's song "Butterfly Effect" was banned from being performed on air because they use the word Bailey's (aka the alcohol)...but ironically now music videos are fiiiillled with advertising (like above, with SNSD chowing down on Mr. Pizza)

2. Military Uniforms

The Korean government recently passed a law banning all military uniforms from broadcast, unless you are portraying someone in the military. So all the military concepts like SNSD's Genie will have to change their wardrobes...

3. Sexy Dancing (But Only for Girls)

Soooooo many girl groups have been forced to change their choreography for live shows because the broadcasting company thought it was too sexy.
I'm going to make a whooooole 'nother card on this so sit tight.

4. Not Debuting at the "Right" Time

So there are music shows nearly every day of the week now, but the OGs were Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
M! Countdown which is on Thursday used to have a rule (that tooootally backfired on them) that made it so if a group didn't comeback on their stage first, they weren't invited back or eligible to win.
So, if you comeback on a Friday and your first live stage is on Saturday, you can't win M!Countdown for the rest of your promotions. And for many groups, you aren't invited to perform there at all.
They have since rescinded this rule since it only made people mad at M!Countdown and to be honest, kpop groups didnt really care so no one cameback on their stage lol.

Does anyone else think these rules are a little silly?

But yet you have guys grinding like magic Mike on stage and suddenly when a girl does it it's not okay? god I hate kpop double standards
The sexy dances for some girl groups are a little too much though. Like too much! Have you see some of them? I didn't know people could bend and touch so many places. I don't even remember the name.
I'm making a card about it but there have been some pretty ridiculous bans. I agree that some groups are too much for younger audiences but for the most part they banned dances are just silly!
And the one about debuting late is stupid too, trainees work very hard to work up to a debut date, there should be no such thing as debuting too late
Its more like they just picked the wrong day to come out. This happened to VIXX for about 3 of their comebacks because they cameback on Fridays not Thursdays :/
Rule #3 I still believe is a little bit sexist. But depending on what that dance is, because I do admit that some are literally wayyyy out there, but some that have to get changed are not even that bad.
No military uniforms.... *cries*
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@daljiyong Thank you! It was a super ton of fun and I can't wait to get the interview and giveaway up and running.
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