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Hope you enjoy Part 4 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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It was a chilly day in Seoul, the members were taking a break at their dorm. Yoongi was taking a nap after all the hard work he had done on his recent mix tape. Namjoon was holding Jin in his arms as Jin was napping for a bit. Hoseok was taking selcas and messing around with Jimin. Jungkook and Taehyung were messing around on their phones and shoving each other playfully. Namjoon kissed Jin's cheek as he slept. Jin opened his eyes and smiled at Namjoon as he rubbed his eyes. Jin noticed that Namjoon felt a little hot. Jin sat up and placed his hand gently on Namjoon's cheek and forehead. "A fever," Jin said in a worried voice. "I told you to not to sleep without a blanket last night Namjoon," Jin had told Namjoon in a soft voice. Namjoon laughed and looked at Jin, "you seemed more cold than I was so I had to give you the blanket." It was midnight by now, all the members had fallen asleep except for Jin. He's too worried about Namjoon to sleep. He paces the room mumbling to himself. Namjoon opens his eyes slightly and sits up, "you're still awake Jin? Come to bed already it's late." Jin shook his head and laid Namjoon back down. "You're the one who's not supposed to be awake," Jin said to Namjoon as he kissed his forehead. "I'll sleep in a bit," Jin said in a soft worried voice. Namjoon laughed, "Jin you know I don't like seeing you stressed or worried." Jin looked at Namjoon, "I have to be worried you have a fever!" Namjoon got up from the bed and grabbed Jin by the waist. Jin's cheeks turned pink as he blushed. Namjoon carried Jin to the bed and laid him down. Namjoon gently kissed Jin on the lips. "Jin no more worrying," Namjoon said in a serious voice that made Jin's body feel tingly. Namjoon kissed Jin one more time, but Jin didn't want the kiss to stop, as he kept pulling Namjoon back. Namjoon smiled as he looked at Jin's eyes and brushed Jin's hair from his eyes. "Usually you refuse Jin," Namjoon said to Jin as he smiled. Jin looked away slightly blushing, "it's just your lips felt soft and warm." Namjoon kissed Jin one more time before they cuddled in bed together.
The morning after, Namjoon felt better and kissed his sleeping beauty on the cheek. Jin woke up and smiled slightly at Namjoon. The rest of the members were already up and making breakfast while getting ready to go out together for a bit. Namjoon got up and got dressed, Jin stared as Namjoon pulled his shirt off. Namjoon did the same as Jin pulled off his shirt and shorts. Namjoon looked down and thought to himself, "maybe Jin wants to take it to the next level." Jin turned back to look at Namjoon before he had finished putting his clothes on. The afternoon was really hot. Hotter than usual, Yoongi regrets wearing a long black sleeve. Hoseok had worn the perfect outfit, simple shorts and a button up. Jin wore a pink polo shirt some pants and his workout shoes, while Namjoon wore shorts and a simple shirt along with his timberlands. Jungkook wore his typical choice of clothing again. Timerlands, white see through button up shirt, and some jeans. Typical Jungkook. Jimin wore a simple black button up and ripped jeans. Taehyung wore just simple shirt. and shorts. They were all ready to go out for the day. They almost lost Jin a few times while passing shops and restaurants. Jungkook kept taking pictures of himself or the scenary. Jimin and Taehyung were play fighting over Jungkook. Yoongi was talking to. Hoseok about how confident he was in his mixtape. Namjoon was holding Jin's hand as they walked. Jin would take a quick glance at Namjoon every second. As they all got home and headed off to their bedrooms. Namjoon kissed Jin on the lips. Jin's body got hot immediately as he felt Namjoon's touch. As the sunset, Namjoon and Jin had a very entertaining night. Jin begged Namjoon to slow it down a bit. The pleasure was too intense. Was this really happening? Namjoon hadn't stopped till morning. This is just the beginning of their love fever. All the members were asleep, but in the morning when they all awoke from their deep sleeps. Jin was limping slightly. Namjoon was preparing breakfast as he looked back at Jin and the members. Had he gotten hurt? No one would ever know except Jin and Namjoon.

Hope you enjoyed Part 4 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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Oh my goodness so many fanfics! Just don't overwhelm yourself! 😄 I am excited though! And they were so adorable...Jin limping was hilarious 😂😂😂
XD yay you loved it!