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It is time for the Funny Community weekly game - Is This Funny!

Basically, I'll show you a YouTube that's been going viral this week, and ask you guys to tell me if it's FUNNY or NOT FUNNY.
Last week, I showed you a funny video of what a US men's synchronized swimming team would look like - and you decided that it IS funny! Let's see how you feel about today's pick.
This video stars a little girl performing a song about how she only peed in her bed once(!) when she was three(!) and how she's never going to do it again!

Do you think this video is FUNNY or NOT FUNNY?

Watch the clip and then let me know in the comments below!
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f'ing adorable
omg too cute
not funny
abso-fucking-lutely adorbs!!! (sorry for the language thats how i feel!) but not funny