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CL to Debut in America
CL To Release Debut American Single I knew that this had been in the talks for awhile, but I was not sure if it would ever happen! I am so excited! I think she would do so well in the States! What do you guys think about this big announcement? I know I am pumped! 馃榿
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I'm super excited but tbh I'm a little dissapointed that YG decided to drop her single on Big Bang's 10th anniversary. I was so excited when he posted the 'Who's Next' on Instagram and was almost sure he was going to announce the completed MADE album!! Anyway I'm still happy for our queen CL and I know she's gonna kill it!!!
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Hahaha right??!! I thought for SURE the 19th would be the best time 馃槀馃槀 YG just trolling like always!!!
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I hope she does well! CL Fighting!! <3
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She already debuted in america with hello bitches though
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I thought this was only in Korea! Finally! 馃憦
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