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Guys.....Today is the day.....The day that we celebrate the birth of an amazing human being....Scratch that.....A 5 year old child in a gorgeous, amazing man's body....That doesn't sound right....Cx Anyway...!!!! Today is the man you either know as GD, G-Dragon, or Kwon Jiyong's (Maybe you know him by something else, buuuuuuttt moving on!!! xD) birthday!!!!!! Oh mah god!!!!! *Fangirl/fanboy screams everywhere!!!!* Holy crap holy crap!!!! It's his birthday today!!!!! So I found a bunch of pictures and gifs of this wonderful man, but all the pictures, gifs, and videos could not explain how many V.I.Ps really, truly love this man. I've seen so much love and just...appreciation, and so many other things for.....This human being since joining Vingle. I know this is long, and to be honest, he isn't my ultimate bias. But he is a lot of yours' and that's amazing!! He is my bias in Big Bang, but just all the love he gets from you guys' is just plain amazing. All the members get a lot of love too, but wow. You guys really love GD. So without further ado, please enjoy these wonderful pics and gifs of the man you know as G-Dragon from Big Bang.
Well then.....That was both very adorable....And sexy.... I-I'm surprised I made it this far in making this card XD To be honest, I'm glad that G-Dragon's birthday was this month since all I've basically been listening to was Big Bang (and the members' solo songs) because I wanted to hear all of their songs!! So, perfect timing!!!! Anyway, I could go on another rant, but I probably shouldn't for your sake's :3 I'm excited to see all of the other cards, either today or tomorrow, celebrating G-Dragon's birthday. I'm so glad that G-Dragon was born and was able to achieve his dreams. I hope that he continues to smile his beautiful smile, and continues following his dreams and being happy, healthy, and....amazing. Everyone, please continue loving G-Dragon and supporting him. Also, please continue supporting each other and being amazing. Happy birthday G-Dragon!! We love you!! Stay strong and fighting!!

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happy birthday g dragon