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Sorry for the delay in getting this to y'all. And also surprise! New person to do this card today! I'm just a quick helper today since your mods ended up having some hectic schedules today. But they didn't want to disappoint their followers, so I offered to help. Hopefully I can live up to the amazing cards they've already given y'all~ Whether you have been part of the journey from the beginning or come to join the family more recently, you cannot deny the talent these boys have. While most look at the forerunners, like Ravi, Leo, or Ken, it wouldn't do to forget all the very important parts to this amazing, close group. Hyuk is just as important as the other members, so show let's him some extra love today (;
Today we're going to look at Hyuk through the concepts that VIXX has come out with since debut. Below I'll put the numbers next to the concept that goes along with the picture above. Starting out, VIXX had two bright concepts with 1. Super Hero and then 2. Rock Your Body Then VIXX began to showcase their diverse repertoire as they delved into different song and mv styles with songs like 3. Hyde 4. On and On 5. Voodoo Doll 6. Eternity People began to take notice of these idols, not only for their bold choices in dark concepts, but for the wide range in their singing styles across the different songs they produced.
By the time they came back with new concepts, their fandom had grown exponentially and so the boys were prepared and working their hardest to please. When their songs, 7. Error 8. Love Equation 9. Chained Up came out, it seemed as though not only did they make their current fans happy - or more than happy. But that they garnered even more attention for showcasing the fact once again that they could do any style of music, any concept, and kill it musically. It seemed to humble the idols and push them harder to work to create even better concepts and more powerful songs.
Thus the new series, based on the Greek gods came about, stunning and intriguing fans. Not only had they now proven that they were capable of outstanding music, videos, and performances; now they were showing they had deeper concepts waiting to show the fans all that they can do. 10. Dynamite and 11. Fantasy are two parts in a multi-part series the group is doing. It is the first from the group, but based on how well it has been received, it is unlikely to be the last.
Which era has been your favorite for the group? What about just for our young Hyuk? Are they the same? Or are they different? Also! Take this quiz from soompi to see which era you would fit for VIXX and see if it aligns with your favorite concept. Share your results and favorites in the comments - or even in a separate card if you want - so we can know. Let's get to know more about why you love Hyuk and the different sides we've seen of him and VIXX through the years and comebacks~
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@Princess2425 really anything in the 'big' fashion world is weird. trends for videos and fashion shows are often very odd across the board for countries. but yeah, I'm glad I opened my eyes and took note of the other members of the group. they're all so talented and I do love how close they are. it's refreshing to see ^^
@MandyNoona I'm just glad everyone like it. I'm more than happy to help whenever I can ^^ this new era is a really good one for all our boys. I'm loving seeing the complexity to the whole concept~ @Princess2425 I just couldn't stand how short they made it and the hat they put on him in the mv, it looked so silly together - which went against the whole concept who isn't my bias in this group? I started with Ravi, then Leo, but now I'm pretty much in love with all the boys because of how dorky they are but also how well they look after one another ^^
my favorite Hyuk concepts have to be voodoo doll and chained up, I just love the vibe he exudes. as for the vixx eras, love equation and chained up are currently my favorites. but I'm excited to see what they're going to do with this mythology concept and - being a big mythology geek for all sorts of countries - I'll likely love those concepts as they finish it up~
I started with one then it went to two. But Leo is still number 1.
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