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Kpop and the entertainment world in general has a lot of problems, we know this.

But in Korea, the conversation isn't that loud as it is in say, America. Women are paid 40% less than men for the same jobs in Korea, the biggest gender wage gap in the developed world. Girls are still forced into a ton of ridiculous stereotypes and it is SUPER evident in Kpop.
Now, I'm not super into girl groups. I have gotten more and more into them in the recent years, but for the most part I am a fan of boy groups exclusively. But regardless, as Kpop fans we have to think about how we play into this (see my closing statement)

Below are three examples of how girls have it harder in the entertainment industry (not just in Korea!)

1. Being Sexy

Girl group dances get banned so much more often than boy dances.

See the above gifs: all the girl dances in this group were banned, all the boys were not.

Take this example.

This is one of the most celebrated moments of Jimin's performance LIFE. I love it, you probably love it, Korean media loved it.
But then...why was this dance banned from broadcast at the same time?

EXID had to change their choreography for any time they would be on TV.

2. Talking About Bodies

During a reality show filming, f(x)'s Krystal told her skating mentor that she would be his diet coach if he is her skating coach. The internet blew up calling it just another example of how Krystal is such a bitch. (And if you actually watched the clip, she's clearly joking...)
Then, Nicole from KARA came out and told the media that Key from SHINee told her she was fat and 'inspired her' to lose weight. People defended him, saying he was just being caring and looking out for his friend.
I'm not saying it right or wrong to tell people to live healthier, but why are girls labeled bitches for doing the same things guys do?

3. Being Confident

I'm a Hakyeon bias. A big stinking annoying Hakyeon bias that loves everything that little demon does.
He makes jokes CONSTANTLY about how beautiful he is, how talented, how perfect, how smart, etc. It's his comedy routine, his persona, his little go-to joke on broadcasts.


But for girls who make statements like that, they're conceited, not funny or confident.

Most recently, 9Muses Kyungri joked in an interview that she considers herself to be one of the sexiest girl idols.

and the internet disagreed.

Mainly I think that girls have it a lot harder EVERYWHERE, but I think a lot of this change can start with us as fans.

Stop slut shaming girls for doing body rolls, but screaming for your oppa to hump the stage. Stop thinking girls are naturally bitches when guys make the same jokes. Stop only celebrating the male talent.
I'm not saying we need to be girl group fans, I'm saying we need to STOP being judgmental and harsher towards girl groups. Even if you've never left a mean comment, I know that I judge girls harsher than boys in my mind. Let's work on stopping that together.

Girls rule, and we have a huge part in letting them remain awesome.

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This is why I get upset when girl groups get shitted on for just being themselves, and I will never understand why it's so unequal, I guess I just have a problem with ppl who expect girls to be a certain way or I hate when we get called hoes for wearing a certain type of clothing like who cares tbh. Idk how to rant about this in the right why but it bothers me so much. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
This is the one thing I hate the most in this world, people always see things differently depending on who does it, like guys and girls could do the same thing but one gender would always get negativity about it and no matter how many times we try to fix it people never listen! I'd like to see them switch roles with the people they judge, see how they feel about it because I think it's absolutely ridiculous and I'm tired of it. There have actually been times I wished I was the opposite gender of myself because of how differently treated they are and I hate that I even had the thought of wanting to change myself just for something so stupid as that. This world is so pathetic and I just think it would be so much more peaceful if everybody were only just a little kinder to each other, I mean seriously how hard is it?😀
Not even a girl group fan and I agree wholeheartedly
I wish the whole world, cough cough judgemental people cough cough, would see this!! I applause u.
Thank you SO MUCH for making a card about this. I know this is going to make a lot of people mad, but you can't go around saying things like "I love kpop so much!" if you ONLY like boybands and never listen to any female artists. The truth is that you like hot boys singing and dancing, not that you like kpop. Kpop is male AND female. Ive heard stories of female trainees being pressured into sexual favors and actual sex in order to debut or get closer to debuting, and that issue was not nearly as explosive on the media as when Jungkook's manager almost hit him in one of their videos. These girls are freaking getting raped in order to possibly live their dreams and you only care if Jungkook might have gotten smacked a couple of times by his manager (which is also wrong but still)??? Girl groups are friggin awesome; whether they are prancing around in cute pink dresses or shooting guns wearing all leather. Kpop is music out of the Korean industry, not MALE music out of the Korean industry. If you still only like boybands okay whatever, its your own taste. HOWEVER you will NEVER be a true kpop fan AT ALL if you only like boybands AND add on any negative, unfair, or judgmental comments/ideas/even opinions on girl groups. I hate sounding mean but it's the truth....
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@ParkKyungSoon Ahhh I see THANK YOU hehehe <3 <3
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