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Scent of a Woman

After the classic My lovely Sam Soon, this was one of Kim Sun Ah's best project. It is a romance drama about a girl who was given the notice of having a short time left to live. She decides to quit her job and live her life to the fullest. While traveling she meets the love of her life.
From the synopsis it sounds like a bittersweet drama and in the beginning I really thought the ending will be either dramatic or nonsense (with a miracle). I was wrong. The writer kept it realistic and the moral of story teaches audience that we should live each day like you're alive even if you don't know what's going to happen next. I won't ruin it for everyone but it's a drama I think you should all watch. It was inspiring, touching and filled with precious moments. Note: The story did remind me of Annie Chen's character in Love, Now where she was given a wrong prognosis and met the love of her life while traveling.

Pursuit of Happiness

This drama is full of emotion and surprising. It's not a usual pairing for Taiwanese drama. Most of us are used to watching Kingone Wang, Aaron Yan, and George Hu dominating the screen. So, when I first saw Sonia Sui and Tony Yang I didn't expect much. Partially because I never watched any of their dramas before. But, I'm glad the drama found its way to me.
Sonia Sui plays the main lead Ji An Lei. She's a 34 years-old career driven woman with no love life. Her life is then turned upside down when she meets her ex and a new housemate. I think the best part about this drama is the relationship development between Ji An Lei and her roommate Huang Yi Kang. It was one of the best ending in Taiwanese drama where I felt like it couldn't have been a better ending.
Notable Mention: [TW Drama] 1. In Time With You 2. Just You 3. Sunny Happiness [K-Drama] 1. Master's Sun 2. Dating Not Marriage 3. Discovery of Love

Have you watched the dramas I mentioned above?

@petname83 you are in for a treat😉
I agree!
Masters sun is definitely a favorite. I'm just starting Just You
Be prepared for many adorable scenes!
No but I would like to see pursuit of happiness
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@cindystran really? I'll have to check it out thenz
3 of these dramas are on my to watch list. It's good to know that they have a good ending! And I definately agree with you on Just you.
Cool! Yeah, they're good endings in my opinion but I do hope you end up enjoying it! =)
I love Masters Sun!!
Same here! Out of So Ji Sub's dramas I think this one has the most expressions. lol It's the best.