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Honestly thats why I haven't been driving lately and let my parents/friends do the driving
So my best friend the other day made this digital art on her computer (picture above) We were talking about digital art and Selena said that she drew the squirrel looking pokemon. I thought " oh she means vulpix or squirtle" Then I asked her she said no and sent me a picture on Eevee so we argued back and forth about it. Even her brother got involed and he was on my side saying Eevee looks like a dog.
I tell myself that everyday at sunset, but its too hot in Texas to look during the day and not die of a heat stroke first. Glad its been cloudy alittle
@danidee My game glitched and my character ran fast down the block while I was just sitting down and that passenger message popped up. I never drive and play, that's why I have my mom do it😂
HAHA I like how you're getting your whole family involved in your Pokemon experience.
That second one makes me feel SUPER unsafe!
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I wish there was a way you can scan for Pokemon in your car while being safe about it lol.