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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing the finale to this fanfiction. I stayed up passed my bedtime to deliver you all another fantastic fanfiction.



I will begin my next one if this card receives at least 20 likes! Who will be next from the BTS family?!

Well it seems to me he knew what was up. I texted him and told him that he was the father I even left a voice message. Late one night he texted me back. Telling me I did this on purpose and he couldn't become a father over night. He said he hated me and I ruined his life. Honestly, I wasn't even bothered by his immature response and his acts of disappearing wasn't a shock to me. It was just the confirmation I needed. I went to work and wasn't surprised that no one knew where was Yoongi. I just ran rehearsal without him. However, once everything was finished for the night I would take matters into my own hands. I was happy that the rest of the guys got the moves very easily. It made my day not as hellish. I looked at my phone and seen 24 missed texts from him and 3 voice messages. I didn't bother to listen to them. He was probably calling me a whore and ish like he always does. After practice I dismiss the guys and lock up the practice room. Then I take the bus to the dark side of town. I needed to take care of myself for a change and don't care what others think. The bus stops 3 blocks from my destination. I play music as I gather my thoughts before I approach this old gray building without any business sign. I put my shades on so no one would recognize me. I made sure to look down. The clerk greeted me with a smile but I didn't smile back. I ran out of smiles to give. My happiness has been drained out now me or what little happiness I had. I began to fill out my paperwork. I look around me a see tired and sick women. They looked like they lived a hellish life for 1000 years. I gulp as I read the information. Was I really about to go with this? I sit for a bit and then a skinny lady looked at me. "This your first time in a place like this. You cover up your eyes but I can tell you are not from here." "Uh...yes I never been to this clinic." I say. "Well I'm Hee-Jin. I've had this special operation done 4 times. It's quick but the last one I had a complication. The doctor left some old cotton inside me and it's leaving a rotten smell." Hee-Jin says while pulling at her thin black hair. "Well I hope all goes well. I'm sure I'm ready to get this procedure and move on with life." I say while pushing out a laugh. "I will say just think about it. I had it four times and I wished I would have never had it. You know it feels like my body is a walking tomb. Besides my bestie had it done once and she can't have anymore children. She got an infection and it messed her up." Hee-Jin said. Hee-Jin smelled and some teeth were missing. She told me she used to be a trick and was very pretty at one point in time. Why was she talking to me? The nurse called her back and we said goodbye. I was nervous now. I look at my phone and see that Jessamine called. I can never hold water from her and I told her I was at the abortion clinic and I hated Yoongi. I turned in my paperwork. As the clock ticked I became very sweaty. I began crying quietly to myself. Suddenly, the nurse called me back and Jessamine ran into the clinic like she had flames to her feet. She grabbed me and hugged me. I began crying and sobbing like a child. Deep down inside I knew I was doing this for all the wrong reasons. Jessamine began crying with me.
"Chica what are you doing?" She said through her tears. "Idk what I'm doing. I'm an idiot!" I say while wiping away her tears. "Look if this what you want you know I will always support you. But who will my baby have to play with?" Jessamine said. "Your baby?!" I step back and look at her. "You and Jimin...." "Yes, we are pregnant. I know it's risky and I was considering the option you are right now. I mean it would have a huge effect on his job, my job, our lives in general. But when I told him he was super happy. He was pissed that I even considered this path." Jessamine said. "We could raise our children together." I say. "Yes, that would be cool. Besides have you spoken to Yoongi? He was bugging about you. He said you were ignoring him. I know yall got beef but know it's about this life you are carrying." Jessamine said. I hated the fact that she was right. I really needed to woman up. If I was going to be a mother I had to be more mature and selfless. I walk up to the desk and infom them that I will not need their services.
I ride back home with Jimin and Jessamine. Jimin was bragging about being a father and soon to be husband. I couldn't believe I didn't notice that huge rock on Jessamine's finger when we were sobbing like babies. I'm so glad she came and got me. Just think I would be laying on a table with coldness and death surrounding me. It began raining and I lobe the rain. I began listening to Autumn leaves on my ipod. Yoongi and I are like those Autumn leaves. Once was beautiful and full of life and then we fall away and die. Only to become nutrition for the next life cycle of leaves. Even through death we give Even though I would love to have what Jessamine and Jimin has I put myself in this position. I was wreck less and selfish. Yes I have issues but I allowed those issues to define me and be the foundation of my excuses. That was the old me. Now I will be be a mother....I am a mother and I will give this kid all the ish I never had. Love that's all I wanted all this time. I was too blind to see it. Finally, we arrived to my place. The rain was pouring harder. Jimin and Jessamine insisted on walking me in to make sure I was safe. Suddenly, as I approach the front building I see a person hunched over all wet. I walk closer and this lump was Yoongi. He rushed to me and hugged me. His face was super wet from the rain and his tears. "Did you do it? Jimin said you were at that abortion clinic. Why would you even...." He paused. "I'm sorry Shorty. When you told me I was the father I did not know how to react, so I did what was easy. I acted like an asshole. We have done some shirts stuff to each other. But this is the one thing we have dome right." He placed his hand on my stomach. "Yoongi....I'm sorry too. I haven't made this easy for anyone...especially you." I begin crying. "I know we have a long way and idk what will happen between us...but I love you and I want to raise our child together." Yoongi hugged and kissed me. "Yes. I love you too Min Yoongi." "Okay let's now that's over let's get into a dry place. My fiancee and my baby can't get sick!" Jimin says. "Oh Lord he is in Daddy mode!" Yoongi says while laughing.



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Awwww I'm glad that he came around and they are having the baby!! Also great that jessamine and Jimin are together, expecting, saved her and getting married!!!! Waiting for the next story!!
I really liked the ending about time she figured out that all she needed was love ❀️❀️ can't wait for your nxt fan fic chica keep showing us that Suga get it lol no ok I'm out hehe
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 That was so sweet!
@amobigbang I am pleased with this ending!!!
Thanks boo
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