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I wish this was an actual scene they put in a DC movie. I would be heaving laughing in the theater. Genius, I tell you. Genius.

Do you honestly think that Superman could trump Batman? Or is it definitely the other way around?
As much as I love Batman, I'd have to say Superman would win. Superman is the one true definition of overpowered superhero. In the comics, he eventually "outgrows" his weaknesses to kryptonite and gains all sorts of mega abilities.
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but that's so far into the future batman could kill him off before that ever happens.
Batman's arrangements of resources is why he will beat Superman nearly every time.. Superman is strong but Batman is smart with his strength as opposed to Superman who just punches and hopes for the best.
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HAHAHAHA Sick burn, Bruce.
meh, I'd beat em both
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Lol, are those the secret power?
well in their final battle, batman had Superman's life in his hands until Louis stepped in. batman knows how to manipulate his weakness so I think bataman would win.
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Batman all the way!!
Batman all the way!!!
I'm Team Batman too! If only because I like his all-black-everything aesthetic.
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