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We all know how hard is to be in idol. Especially those who want to go past that image past the Kpop setting. We also all know that with BTS they feel more comfortable by working on their own music that's outside of Kpop. Which shows on how popular they are because they surpass that K pop image they have created who they are today.
The Billboard website posted article on how great Yoongi did with his music video along with his mixtape that he came out with yesterday. How his music video hit 1.4 million views within 12 hours. However, within the article they shared a lot information about what Yoongi with through all these years of being and idol.
After reading the article what hit me the most was how a lot of his songs tell his side of the story. For starters I don't mean to compare his mixtape with Namjoons mixtape however you can definitely tell the difference between both of them. Namjoons mixtape is more of the type of music he thinks that as armies would enjoy listening. Along with sharing in what he thinks. Which to me I love that because you know it peaks my interest. However with Yoongi that is a different story. With Yoongis mixtape he opens up about what he went through with depression, suicide thoughts, and how he had to get help with a mental illness he was going through. We all have seen idols who at times go through this and also on how hard it is when they go through something like this. They put on a brave face in hide it from many eyes but when they put it through their music and share it with the us it really opens up our eyes to realize what is behind the scenes.
After learning about what Yoongi went through all this time being as an idol and still somewhat going through this, but not a severe as it has been over the years. How he shares this within his mixtape shows his influence of the underground how when he first started. In my point of view I like that he decide to use his influence of the underground into his music to separate His image of being a member of BTS and being his individual self with this mixtape. This is what I like about this group is that they separate themselves from being a group member of the most popular boy group to showing us who they really are behind that image. I don't know about you guys but when I watch yoongis mv I knew there was something that he was telling us but i could put my finger on it. I'm quite glad that Yoongi decided to open our eyes and sharing with what he goes through day after day. With what he sees, what he feels, and what he thinks. I believe this is the one of the reasons why I admire him as a person. He don't care what people think he will just wants to share with us on who he really is.
So lets so him our support with his mixtape. If we do that he will see how much we appreciate all his hard wrok. Also I am sharing with you guys on what I thought about after reading the article. Here is the link for those who want to read.
you wrote that well. I love and support him. my little sister who doesn't do kpop or listen to hip hop saw the mv and said, "wow! he sounds real. He sounds angry. I like him because he is real. "
no don't compare stop it no
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@Choijiah Mhmm 😊
I love him ♡
That was a beautiful summary of describing true army feels 😭🙌💕