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Chapter 18
(Longer chapter for you guys :) Sorry I missed a day)
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Taehyung POV
Everyone was laughing and having a great time during lunch except [Y/N]. She seemed to be faking her smiles and laughing stiffly. Taehyung noticed and continued to lightly stroke her hand with his thumb as he held it. His heart felt happy holding [Y/N]’s hand. While the others were distracted, Taehyung looked over at [Y/N] and said, “Hey, let’s leave.” She looked at him wide eyed. Taehyung stood up and helped [Y/N] stand as well. The boys looked over at the two. “We are going to go walk around. See you guys later,” Taehyung said leading the way dragging [Y/N] behind him. “Wooooooo! You two behave yourselves,” Hoseok called out to them causing laughter from Jimin and Jungkook. Taehyung chuckled a little and continued walking with [Y/N].
Once the boys were out of site Taehyung stopped and looked down at [Y/N]. “What’s wrong,” he asked as he lightly touched her cheek. She blushed and looked away from him toward the ground. “N-nothing is wrong,” she said. He put his hand under her chin lightly forcing her to look up at him.
“I don’t believe that for a second. You are very easy to read [Y/N].”
She blushed causing Taehyung to blush as well. “W-well,” [Y/N] started, “What are we Kim Taehyung?” He looked down at her shocked at her question. “I-I know we have a date thing this weekend but you haven’t really spoken to me since Tuesday.”
“Sorry I have been busy.”
“I know. I understand, but I guess...”
“What is it?”
“Do... Do you like me Kim Taehyung?”
Taehyung blushed bright red and tried to cover his face with his arm. He cleared his throat and grabbed [Y/N]’s other hand. Looking her straight in the eyes he said, “Yes.” [Y/N]’s face lit up with happiness and she started blushing a beautiful rosy pink. “Now, tomorrow look cute okay. We are going to have lots of fun,” he said. Taehyung let go of [Y/N]’s hand and tapped her lightly on the nose with his finger. “I need to go somewhere so I’ll meet you in class.” he said before walking off away from [Y/N].
Jimin POV
Jimin left the group of boys shortly after Taehyung did and he happened to catch the end of their scene. He watched at [Y/N] stood there watching Taehyung walk away. Jimin walked up to [Y/N] and put his arm around her shoulders. “So you guys have a thing going huh,” he asked her smiling. [Y/N] nodded in response. “Though can I say something [Y/N]?”
“What’s that Jimin?”
“Taehyung likes to play.”
“What does that mean?”
“I like you [Y/N]. And I just want you to be careful.”
She looked at Jimin confused and nodded not fully understanding what he was saying. He pat her head lightly and said, “Now let’s head back to class. I’ll walk you.”
Namjoon POV
Namjoon walked into the class and saw [Y/N] sitting there with a smile on her face. Namjoon sat down and said, “How is your leg feeling?”
“Oh it’s feeling much better. Thank you for your help this morning. Can I copy your notes sometime?"
“How about after school today? Are you doing anything?”
“No I’m free! That sounds perfect.”
Namjoon smiled to himself proud that he had asked [Y/N] to meet up with him after school. He turned to face the front as Mr. Woo was starting class. ‘Class can’t end fast enough,’ he thought as he chuckled to himself.
The bell rang and class was over. Namjoon wanted to jump up and down with excitement but he needed to keep it cool. “You ready to go [Y/N]?” he asked her grabbing his things. “Yup! Let’s go,” she said happily. Namjoon lead the way to the music room. The music room was usually dead on Fridays and Namjoon didn’t like the quietness of the library. He would rather have the freedom to talk through his thoughts and to listen music freely. “The music room,” [Y/N] asked as they entered the room. “Yeah it is one of my favorite places,” Namjoon answered. The two sat down on a couple of bean bags in the room, [Y/N]’s back to the door. Yoongi walked into the room and froze for a second as he saw Namjoon with [Y/N]. He pointed at her and gave an expression questioning Namjoon. Namjoon just nodded and turned his attention back to [Y/N].
Namjoon pulled his notebook out and opened it to that morning’s notes. “Okay so this is what we covered. I’ll explain it as you are copying it,” he said handing the notebook to [Y/N]. The two of them spent the next hour or going over the notes and laughing together. [Y/N] turned around at one point looking at Yoongi playing the piano and said, “He plays so well. It’s beautiful.” Namjoon smiled and said, “That’s actually my hyung.
He lives in music.” [Y/N] looked at him shocked and smiled, “Do you play too?” Namjoon was about to talk when Yoongi interrupted, “What are you two talking about over there?”
“Oh I was just telling Namjoon how beautiful your piano playing sounds.”
Yoongi smiled. “Joonie there is good at music too.”
“Oh really! Namjoon you never told me.” Namjoon blushed and rubbed the back of his neck.
“Want to put a show on for her Joon?”
“Yeah sure, why not. What song should we do hyung?”
Yoongi sat for a second thinking while Namjoon walked up next him. Once Yoongi thought of the song he started playing the piano and Namjoon chuckled.
The melody was beautiful and drew all attention from you to the boys at the front at the piano. Namjoon started a slow rap with “I empty my drink but it gets filled with loneliness.” Soon Yoongi joined Namjoon in the singing and the two’s voices together were beautiful. You closed your eyes, absorbing every note, every word, until they stopped playing. You let your eyes flutter open and smiled widely. You clapped and looked that the boys as they smiled themselves. “That was so amazing. So beautiful.” Namjoon bowed slightly. “Thank you [Y/N],” Namjoon said.
“Both of you are so talented! Have you thought about trying out for an agency?”
Both boys laughed and Namjoon said, “Nah, maybe sometime in the future. For now we just enjoy doing it on our own.”
You stood up and smiled. “Well it was really amazing. I’ll be right back.” You walked out of the room to go use the bathroom.
Namjoon POV
“So that’s the girl huh,” Yoongi said as he watched her walk out of the door, “She’s cute.” Namjoon blushed and said, “Yeah. Good idea with the whole song thing hyung.” Yoongi smiled at him and stood up from the piano, “Okay so I’m going to leave and give you ten minutes. Do what you got to do.”
“Where are you going hyung?”
“To the cafe to grab a coffee. You have ten minutes and I’ll be back. I won’t wait longer than that.”
Namjoon watched as Yoongi walked out of the room and shortly after [Y/N] walked back in. “Where did your brother go,” she asked looking around. “He went to go grab a coffee,” Namjoon said a little too quickly. Namjoon stood there staring at [Y/N] awkwardly making [Y/N] feel uncomfortable. Namjoon put his hand up to his mouth and cleared his throat and went to sit back down in the bean bags, [Y/N] followed him.
[Y/N] continued copying the notes while Namjoon watched her. “Um listen [Y/N], Namjoon said nervously. She looked up at him making him feel even more nervous. “Umm.. listen I,” he started and the following words felt like it took years to say, “I... like you [Y/N].” Namjoon was blushing and could feel himself shaking from nervousness. [Y/N] looked away from him and Namjoon could feel his own heart breaking. “I’m sorry Namjoon, but I like somebody else,” she said trying to sound as kind as possible.
Namjoon already knew, but he didn’t want to hear those words. He wanted to have a chance. “It’s okay [Y/N]. I, already knew. I just needed to tell you. Can we still be friends,” Namjoon asked feeling hopeful she would say yes. [Y/N] nodded and smiled at him with a small giggle. Namjoon let out a sigh of relief and sat back in his bean bag. The two started laughing together.
Yoongi walked in and looked at the two of them laughing and smiled himself. [Y/N] stood up and grabbed her things. “Well I better head out guys, my mom will be expecting me home. Thanks again Namjoon,” [Y/N] said before walking out of the room. Yoongi looked over at Namjoon confused. “I thought it went well with the way you two were laughing,” Yoongi said sitting back at the piano again. Namjoon covered his eyes with the crook of his arm and fought back the tears he felt. “She has a thing for Kim Taehyung,” Namjoon said. “Then why the hell were you two laughing?” Namjoon didn’t respond to Yoongi. Yoongi got up and grabbed a notebook then threw it at Namjoon. “Well,” he started, “Start writing. I’m sure it will make a good song.” Namjoon sniffled and moved to a chair at a desk.
“Did you at least get me a coffee too hyung?”
Namjoon smirked to himself as he heard Yoongi start playing on the piano. He pulled a pen from his pocket and started writing in the notebook.
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Awe, lots of sweetness here. And sad for Joonie, but at least he has music and his hyung there to help him be strong.
No cpmment ! It hurts me cause its too short . I can't stand the suspense!