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There's about 4 months left before the year is over and drama producers are getting super competitive. What I mean by competitive is the upcoming release for this year has a bunch of slick storyline and visuals. "W" is on top of my watch list after I'm done with my current set but the following are dramas are grabbing my attention with their interesting script and characters.

1. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Episodes: 18 Broadcasting: August 22, 2016 Run Time: Mon-Tues Starring: Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung Synopsis : Basically Hong Ra-On disguises herself as a man to give dating counsels and she becomes the crown prince's eunuch. Thoughts: I really enjoy watching coming of age romance dramas and even better if it's in historical setting. Kim Yoo-Jung has been a child actress for many dramas and particularly I enjoyed watching her in May Queen and the Moon Who Embraces the Sun. I'm super excited to see her taking a lead role as an adult, so it's a no-brainer must watch for me. Source: Asianwiki
Please excuse me but this video of Park Bo-gum dancing in hanbok has become my favorite video of the week.

2. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Episodes: 20 Broadcasting: August 29, 2016 Run Time: Mon-Tues Synopsis: After a total eclipse of the sun, Hae-soo travels back in time to Goryeo era and falls in love with Wang So. Thoughts: To be honest, I didn't watch Bu Bu Jing Xing but I know people were raving about it. After finding out Lee Joon-Ki was casted for this remake I kept a closed eye on this drama. I don't know what's up with me and 'moon' and 'saeguks' but I can see this one is going to be in a tough competition with Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.
I'm not sure if IU and the rest of the cast's acting will be on-par but the visual game is no joke.

3. High 5 Basketball

To be fair this drama does not have an airing date confirmed yet. It's suppose to broadcast on November 2016. What caught my attention was the two leads and the topic basketball. The two leads are from Mandopop group SpeXial, Luo Hong Zheng and Simon Lian. I've seen snippets of Hong Zheng's acting in Moon River and it wasn't bad, so I'm looking forward to more news about the complete casting.
The new dramas will probably keep me occupied for the rest of the year. My list does keep getting longer and longer though. - the life of a drama-fanatic.

Anyone else excited for upcoming 2016 dramas?

Ooh me I really wanna see moon lovers and moonlight drawn by clouds!!!! I love historical dramas
Moonlight drawn by clouds is debuting this week, so i'm super excited!
so i love Park Bo-gum...and that video is seriously one of my favorite things.
I'm excited for Legend of the Blue Sea of course! Lee Min Ho is back!!! 馃挏
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I need to get back into the k-drama news land. I only hear about new k-dramas here but I guess it's not as detailed.
I'm excited for many dramams
me I want to see both of the historical dramas, I'm not sure about the sports one
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yea I love historical dramas and supernatural ones too, (even better if combined lol) @cindystran