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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Warning: For those of you that have read Blackmail. Contract is on the same level of craziness and Smut. For those of you that haven't read's not the bad Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.


*six months earlier* You could hear the intense moaning of Junmyeon's newest girl coming through the walls of Jongin's room. Junmyeon had let you in and told you, you could wait for Jongin while he was in the shower. You tried not to laugh, it was more out of nervous habit than anything but you wondered how Jongin even put up with this guy always bringing girls into their place and making them scream his name like that. Honestly, she sounded like she enjoyed it. Jongin wasn't bad but he used up all his greatest moves during the honeymoon phase of your relationship. Every once in a while he'd come up with some spontaneous thing like role play or bondage once he suggested a three way which you promptly turned down. You mostly thought it was a joke but the look on his face made you rethink that. You could kind of feel the relationship fading even though you still liked him, he had started acting different. He'd become distant and wanted to see you less or rather he always had an excuse not to see you. Classic case for a guy who's cheating on his girlfriend. You didn't want to believe that Jongin would do that though, you knew him to be the one to speak his mind if he was done with you he was done with you. Maybe he was just getting bored, that's why you stopped by so that you two could talk and figure something out. You were sitting on his bed trying to drown out the sounds of Junmyeon's moans mixed with his lovers when you heard another female voice. You thought you were going crazy but you wouldn't put it past Junmyeon to have a three way. Still the voice came again and you realized it wasn't coming from Junmyeon's side of the wall. It was coming from Jongin's bathroom. The voice came louder screaming, "Fuck Jongin harder!" You looked at the bathroom door wide eyed. He hadn't heard you come in and you hadn't announced yourself. Your drop by was as a surprise even though you knew his habits were that of a classic cheater, you were still surprised. You could hear from Junmyeon's side of the wall he was telling her to get louder and she did. What the hell were they competing?! Jongin and Junmyeon always seemed like the type of friends that tried to one up each other; they liked the friendly competition. Once, when you two were going at it, he begged you to scream his name. You didn't want to but you eventually gave in when he gripped you too tight and slammed inside of you hurting you to the point that you made him stop touching you period. You didn't speak to him for a week, it was only because he seemed to really regret what he had done that you started to talk to him again. He promised he'd never be that rough with you again. Still, you wouldn't let him have sex with you for another three weeks. After a month without sex, it seemed like he craved you more. He wasn't necessarily gentle but he wasn't so rough that you were uncomfortable. By that time things had changed, you two had been together for a year and a half and just a few months ago he started acting this way. Now you were listening to the reason why. The reason you had always slightly expected but dismissed because Jongin was always straight forward with you. To furious to continue listening to the screaming match, you walked out of his room and headed for the stairs leaving the door open. You walked out of the house and looked at the new car you saw coming in, maybe it didn't really belong to Junmyeon's girl maybe it belonged to Jongin's. Maybe they rode over together, you were disgusted. You had been sitting in there for ten minutes; they were probably showering together and decided to compete with Junmyeon out of no where just for fun. You walked home in rage and Jongin had texted you later that night asking if he could come over you told him no. He came over anyway and he had a key to your apartment too. You snuck out the window when you heard him come in leaving your phone behind and headed to Chanyeol's place just five minutes from yours. You didn't tell him why you were bare foot or what you heard at Jongin's place in fear that they may fight each other. He let you stay at his place, Jongin stopped by but he didn't stay long, he was looking for you since your phone was still at your place and your window to your bedroom was open. He thought something may have happened to you. You showed up at Uni after two days and Jongin had caught you in the hallways he hugged you tightly thankful that you were alright. You pulled him off of you, "Y/N what's going on?" he asked. You thought Junmyeon would've said something to him. At the very least, that he had let you in the house to wait for him. Jongin seemed to be completely clueless. You still weren't really ready to break it off, you didn't have the energy to deal with him. So you walked off, "Y/N come back!" he called after you. You ended up texting him later that night with Chanyeol keeping you company. You told him you were leaving him. He had shown up at your place not ten minutes later banging on your door asking to talk to you. You were drunk and Chanyeol held you back but made sure that Jongin didn't know he was there. You told him through the door what you heard, you told him how you knew he was cheating on you. He kept trying to deny it but when you described what you heard he knew he couldn't lie anymore. He swore he loved you, he didn't want things to end but you refused. You didn't want to be with him it didn't matter if you still loved him. His fist hit the door and you could swear you heard soft sobs from behind it. Chanyeol had checked to make sure he left and you broke down in his arms. You were in love with Jongin so it hurt to end it even though you could feel him slipping away.... *Present day* You walked down the hall to see Jongin smiling at a girl between the door ways. Ever since you two broke up he had been mean to you. He flashed girls in your face making sure you saw him moving on from you. Most of the time your responded with a scoff and an eye roll before walking the other way. This time you saw him and immediately looked away, looking for Chanyeol instead. "Yeol!" You called after him once you caught him. He stopped and looked back at you with a curious face on. He popped out his ear bud so he could hear you clearly as you talked to him. You made your way up to him wrapping your arm around his and said, "Hey are you going home?" "Yeah my classes are over and I don't really feel like going to the club tonight." he said. "I kind of feel like drinking tonight are you up for it? I'll bring the alcohol." You said. "Sure that sounds fun. Have you taken any new pictures lately?" he asked. You nodded. You had a passion for photography especially black and white photography. You had taken several pictures in the past and had developed them on your own. You were really starting to get better with how you took photos. The more you practiced the more you improved. There was a little place by the beach that your parents owned, no one but you used it. They paid for it to sit there and you'd go up when you had time or when you wanted to get away from the world and just take photos and develop them. Your other photos were blown up, some were just simple head shots. You had them framed and hanging around in the same studio. You were more of a photographer than anything but you dabbled in other arts such as painting and sketching with charcoal. Chanyeol knew about your passion for photography much like everyone else that knew you did but even Chanyeol didn't know about the small little place by the beach. You didn't tell anyone about it because it was supposed to be your safe place. The place you would go to get away from the world. Chanyeol eventually left while you stuck around campus, you had one more class and usually you'd just go home because it started an hour later but you didn't feel like heading back. Then your shoulder was grabbed and you were pulled into a hallway where it seemed not a soul existed. Not one person was there and when you opened your eyes to see the crazy bastard that snatched you up you were greeted by a gentle faced Junmyeon. He smiled at you, "Hey Y/N I haven't seen you in a while." he said. You looked at him suspiciously, an eyebrow cocked while you said cautiously, "Yeah it has been a while, what's up?" Junmyeon and you weren't enemies but you weren't necessarily friends either. He had tried sleeping with you while you and Jongin were going out but you resisted his advances. He said he liked that about you, that you could resist him even when your body wanted him. It wasn't that you wanted him but touching certain places got a reaction out of you. You were too in love with Jongin to sleep with his roommate though. To bad Jongin couldn't show the same amount of faithfulness to you. You had always been cautious around Junmyeon after that. You didn't talk to him much but when you did it was either formal or rudely depending on whether or not he pissed you off. Right now you weren't sure of his intentions so you were speaking politely. "I need to ask you a huge favor. You're the only one who can do this." he said. "What is it?" you said carefully. He sighed, "My parents have been bugging me to find someone for a long time and I've kind of been putting it off because I like being single but two nights ago I may have gotten really annoyed and told them I have a fiance." "You gave them my name!" you said freaked out. "Shh not so loud, no I didn't give them your name." "Then why do you need me?" you asked. "You're honestly the best pick out there. You're pretty cute, smart, you have life goals which is a huge turn on for my parents-" "I'm trying to turn on your parents?" you asked. "You know what I mean. Plus Jongin said that you were great with his parents, very charismatic and polite they loved you a lot. I need someone like that you're perfect Y/N besides I already know you so it won't be that hard to pretend." "Junmyeon I don't think so, that's asking for trouble. Lying to your parents plus you're Jongin's roommate-" "I'll give you seventy million won for each month you pretend to be mine. You wanted some new camera equipment right?" "How do you know that and how long did you plan on having me act like your fiance?" you said surprised at how easily he just named off that number. "I went and asked Chanyeol if you needed anything for your camera stuff. I'll need you for six months Y/N my parents are very- thorough with how they check out mine and my brother's mates." The money sounded pretty good, you did need to get some new stuff for your camera studio and photography equipment wasn't cheap. You looked up at him still not sure. He moved close to you making you gasp and grab his arms. His body was already pressed up against yours. His arm rested above your head on the wall as he looked down at you. He licked his lips, his eyes darker now. He dipped his head so he could whisper into your ear, "Please Y/N think about how you can get back at Jongin. I bet you he'd hate it that you were with me. He's been trying so hard to make you jealous, this is the perfect revenge." He licked the bottom of your earlobe before taking a nibble causing you to let out a light moan. It had been six months sense you had sex. You and Chanyeol had one night after your break up where he took care of your needs and you took care of his but you were both drunk and it happened once. You were seen at the club grinding on him sometimes before you moved to the next guy, you two were best friends. You were comfortable enough to do things like that with him. Junmyeon was an entirely different story. "Myeon back up." you said pulling him away. He chuckled. "Can't even say my whole name you're that turned on? Damn you haven't had any action for a while. I'll tell you what, on top of the money, I'll please you anyway you want. All you have to do is ask." "Okay, Junmyeon I'll do it now will you please get off of me." you said desperate. His hands went to your waist, "Are you sure you wouldn't rather me stay like this? Maybe do a bit more for you?" His hand moved from your waist to the front of your pants to reach inside. You could feel his finger fiddle around your folds and you bit back a moan. You squeezed his arm tighter and he laughed, "You've got one good grip. I heard youre not a screamer Y/N. I'd like to change that baby girl. I'd like to fuck you so hard I can hear your pretty, sexy, horny voice screaming my name." The more he talked in your ear the more turned on you became. You had to push him away now or you'd never make it back to your class on time. You calmed your heart focusing on anything that might turn you off from his advances. When you finally had the strength to do it, you pushed him away. His hand slipping out of your pants while he was pushed back. You saw him bring his hand up covered in your wetness. Damn it, you were always weak to dirty talk. He licked his fingers with a smile on and you looked to the ground you were sure your face was turning red, you could feel your blush reach your ears. "Would you stop it already I said I'd do it now what are the terms so I can go." you said. Junmyeon chuckled, "You obviously have to wear a ring so we can go pick one out for you later on today. You can't see anyone else but me like wise I can't see anyone else but you. Any flings you have going on need to end Y/N no sneaking around. I've already ended all of mine. You just have to impress my parents as much as you possibly can. At the end of every month, I'll pay you the seventy million won. Oh and we have to live together." "I'm not moving into your place you're roommates with my EX." you snapped. "Your place is small isn't it. I don't like places like that. You can keep your tiny little apartment but when my parents visit we have to be living together. We'll go pick out another place to stay together." he said "Junmyeon you're spending a lot of money just to trick your parents what the hell is going on?" "I'm rich I can afford to spend a lot of money to trick them. Look, my mom is easily able to detect bullshit but you're able to act genuine enough that you could fool her. I chose you because I knew you could make a good impression on her. My father is a bit different he likes women that have charm and charisma and you have it you just have to stop pretending you hate me." "I don't hate you Junmyeon I just think you're dangerous sometimes, this whole deal is dangerous." you said crossing your arms. "So you won't do it?" "No I said I would I guess I have to keep my word." You outstretched your hand so that he could shake it. He grabbed it but instead of shaking it he pulled you into his body and kissed you. His tongue fighting for dominance and his lips taking yours captive. He kissed you hard making you sigh into it, you released a moan at the tingle that rushed through your body. He was a great kisser. Your lips were swollen as he pulled away and you took in a shaky breath. "I'll meet you at your place later to pick out the ring okay. Put your number in here." He gave you his phone and you programmed your number in it. He smiled and thanked you before walking off. What the hell did you just do? Junmyeon's POV He had spent an hour and a half on the phone arguing with his parents about his allowance. They sent him money at the end of every month which he took half of and collected it in a separate bank account that even they couldn't touch. They didn't even know it existed. He did well living off of what was left. They had threatened if he didn't have a prospective woman that they liked they would cut off his allowance. He wasn't ready to be cut off no matter how much he saved. His older brother got married and the woman he married was young and respectable and beautiful to say the least. Ever since that happened, his parents had been down his throat about finding a wife. His brother was ready to settle down though, Junmyeon however was not. In his anger he just said, "Eomma I'm already engaged." His father and mother were excited and immediately started to grill him. All he could tell them was that they could meet her when they came down to see him. They were coming down in a few weeks which would give him time to find someone. He had no idea what he was going to do for a woman until he realized she was perfect someone to play the part. He hadn't seen or spoken to Y/N since her and Jongin's break up. Normally, he wouldn't mind rubbing it in Jongin's face that he'd seen her. He would've tried to talk to her again and sleep with her; their little rivalry went back and forth between playful and actual rivals. Y/N was always attractive to Junmyeon but she didn't seem to like him very much. She was quick to respond if she felt insulted. Jongin said she was great with parents though; she had flattered his father and his mother wouldn't stop talking about her. Even now, his mother still said it was his fault for cheating on her and she didn't blame Y/N at all for leaving him. He always got upset at her for that but Jongin knew exactly what he was doing and he just didn't want to be told that he was wrong, least of all by the woman that raised him. She said she missed getting to see Y/N when Jongin came to visit. If she could have that kind of effect on Jongin's parents he could only imagine the impression she'd make on his mother. He was glad to hear that she had agreed to pretending to be his fiance and that had eased his worry a bit. He didn't know if it was the promise of money or the promise of his body that made her agree but she had agreed. He texted her to tell her where to meet him at to get the ring for her. She probably didn't know her own ring size so he wanted to get that done quick. She had taken the bus to get there but he had driven. When he met her at the jewelers, she didn't look excited at all. That sort of bummed him out, he thought that she'd at least be excited like other girls would be. Part of him also felt good though, she didn't seem like the materialistic type. He escorted her into the store and he was about to ask an employee if they had a way to size her ring for her but she surprised him by saying she already knew her ring size. He looked at her impressed, she looked back at him unfazed. "As a high school graduation present, my mother and father bought me a ring." she said. "Really I never see you wear it." She shrugged, "It's best not to. It helps me avoid problems." she said. She didn't elaborate on it but he figured it was something she didn't want to talk about. Jongin had complained once that she closed up when ever her parents came into the subject. She didn't like to talk about them much or even what family life was like back home. She didn't want Jongin meeting her parents either and as far as Jongin knew, her parents weren't even aware she was dating. He was pretty sure they only talked when she disappeared once in a while without a word of where she had gone. She seemed to be out of it as she looked around at the rings sitting in the glass cases. Her name was called and she looked up and instantly turned pale. The man that called her name wasn't that quick to notice. He walked over and gave her a hug and she looked uncomfortable. Junmyeon walked over just as he heard him say, "Man it's been so long Bugs." He patted the top of her head. "Y-yeah it has." she stuttered uncomfortably. "Y/N who is this?" Junmyeon asked. Y/N looked up at him and then looked back down biting her lip. "J-Junmyeon t-this is um, J-Jackson Wang. Jackson t-this is Junmyeon my um, fiance." she stuttered uncontrollably. Junmyeon bowed to him and said, "Nice to meet you, how do you known my lovely Y/N?" he asked trying to show some territorial dominance over her so that he'd take the hint. "Well I'm-" "An old friend," she cut him off quickly. "come on Myeonie we should be getting back to looking at rings. It was nice seeing you again Jackson." "Yeah you too bugs." he said. Y/N had grabbed onto Junmyeon's wrist and pulled him away and to an entirely different counter. Her face was flush red but it seemed like her so called friend hadn't taken notice at all or if he had, he had ignored it. "Y/N what's going on who was that guy really?" Junmyeon asked. "Don't worry about it, I like this ring can we get this one and go?" she said in a hurry. It was a simple ring he didn't think she'd pick out, "It's kind of small don't you think maybe you should pick something a little bit bigger?" Junmyeon suggested. "If you want me to impress your parents then trust me that's the one to go with." She said trying to move the process along. He felt like she would've lingered a bit more to look at all the things she offered but with Jackson showing up she had become agitated. He sighed and requested the ring from the clerk in her size. Her phone began to ring and he could see her sigh deeply before she pulled out her phone. She looked at it, her thumb dancing back and forth between answering it or ignoring it. She answered it, walking out of the store he supposed so he and the rest of the people in the store couldn't hear. He wondered who called her to make her act like that, she even left the store to talk to whoever it was. Junmyeon came back out and he presented her with the ring and she gave him a small smile before he slipped it on her finger. After she had finished her phone call, Junmyeon said, "We'll have to actually come up with a story of how we met." "Through Jongin, we were friends." she said quickly. "How did I ask you out?" he asked. "You came to my studio to get pictures done at the end of it you asked me to got out to dinner with you." "Where was our first date?" "Chateau Le More." she said. "You know that place?" he asked amazed. She nodded. "You're just full of surprises aren't you?" For the first time since they met up, she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. He placed his hand on her thigh and said, "I think if you and me had gone out first I would've treated you better than Jongin." "I think you would've broken my heart too." she said back. "I guess we'll never really know." he said. He leaned in and kissed her softly and gentle enough to make her feel good. He felt her sigh and relax into the kiss. His hand met up to her waist and he heard her release her moan. His hand reached under her shirt, he was moving slowly to see how far she'd let him go. He felt her shiver under his touch, "You know I wasn't joking about me pleasing you if you want it." he said. She looked like she hesitated. He dipped his head down to kiss her neck and he felt her fingers lace themselves through his hair. Her chest rising and falling rapidly, her heart probably beating wildly. "We should go back to my place." she said though slight pants. He chuckled, "I'm gonna hear you scream my name baby girl."
No Junmeyon!!!! Stay back!!!!!!! I don't want you f-ing up my bias list!!!! SUHO NO SWYPING!!!!!!! But in another note, what's up with the parentals??? And where does Jackson play into this???
well damn i am kinda in love already. and i wanna know why im hiding my past like my parents and who is mr Jackson Wang to me really
@pharmgirlerin you'll love it :)
I think you just like to kill me 😭😭😭
please tag me I love this πŸ™πŸ™ and I can totally see suho like a playboy but like the one's that once they find their Mrs.right they stop lol maybe it's just me (*βŒ’βˆ‡βŒ’*)
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