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Chapter 19
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
You felt bad leaving the music room but you did like someone else. You liked Kim Taehyung. Namjoon was a great friend to you but it seemed nearly impossible for you have more feelings for him when Taehyung was around. You rushed out of the school to the soccer fields knowing that there was still a little bit of soccer practice remaining. You wanted to see Taehyung in action.
When you arrived at the soccer field you were surprised how many people were in the stands watching, many of them girls. You sat down and started watching. Taehyung moved so fluidly on the field. It was as if this was the one thing he was meant to do. You noticed Hoseok and Jungkook as well who were both talented as well. You heard some girls scream “J-hope” and you watched at Hoseok waved up at the crowd with a huge smile on his face. You smiled at him and were amazed at how well the whole soccer team worked together. You hadn’t ever been a fan of sports so you didn’t understand what was going on but it was exciting to watch.
A whistle blew and the coach yelled practice was over. You watched as the team picked up the equipment and you decided it would be a good idea to wait for Taehyung at his bike. You wanted to talk to him more about tomorrow.
You sat down on a bench that was near the bike racks and waited. You didn’t mind if people looked at you weirdly for sitting there you wanted to see Taehyung. You had been so happy since lunch. You started to hear the voices the boys. You looked up over at them and didn’t see Taehyung with them but saw Jungkook and Hoseok. “Oh hey [Y/N],” Jungkook said waving at you. “Waiting on Taehyung,” Hoseok asked. You nodded and smiled.
“He might be a bit, he is with some girl.” Jungkook added. He was quickly elbowed in the ribs. Hoseok gave him a look saying, “Dude what the hell.” Jungkook looked over at you and you stood there trying to absorb what he just said. ‘What is he doing with another girl,’ you thought to yourself. Soon Taehyung came running up behind them. “Sorry guys, got caught up,” he said before he noticed you. “[Y/N]?” You smiled and waved at him. “Hey guys I’ll catch you later,” Taehyung said giving the hint to the other two boys to leave. Hoseok and Jungkook rolled their eyes and walked away.
Taehyung joined you on the bench and put his arm around you smiling. “You waited for me [Y/N]?” You nodded shyly.
“How is your knee doing?”
“It’s better. Doesn’t hurt as bad as this morning.”
“Good to hear! You ready for tomorrow?”
“Yeah I’m excited to see you guys play. I watched you practice a little bit before coming here. You guys play really well.”
Taehyung smiled and looked over at you. “That’s not the only thing happening tomorrow.”
You blushed and playfully slapped his chest. He started laughing at you and stood up to face you. He held his hand out to you helping you stand as well. “Come on I’ll walk you home.” You watched as he grabbed his bike and started heading toward the gate. You limp jogged to catch up with him and the two of you headed toward your house.
Nana POV
“Oppa you are so cheesy,” Nana said as she playfully slapped the arm of Seokjin. The two of them were walking home together when Nana suddenly noticed Taehyung and [Y/N] together. Nana looked at [Y/N] in disgust. “Oppa will you go with me to a soccer game,” Nana whined to Seokjin. “Sure. Are you talking about the one here at school,” Seokjin asked as he shrugged his shoulders.
“Really! You’ll go with me!?”
“Yeah sure. I like soccer and I have some friends on the team. If you want to go we can go together.”
Nana latched herself onto Seokjin’s arm tightly making him laugh. “You are the best Oppa ever!”
It hadn’t been long since Seokjin had asked Nana out and of course she agreed. Nana had been aiming for Seokjin since she saw him in the cooking club. He was handsome and tall and that’s all she really liked about him. She also liked the feeling of having him wrapped around her little finger. “Do you want me to come by and pick you up,” Seokjin asked. “Nah, it’s okay Oppa. My house is a long way from yours. You can walk me home tonight but I will meet you at the field tomorrow.” Nana said as she continued holding onto his arm.
“Let’s get some food before we go home.”
Seokjin let out a laugh. “Okay let’s do that. Do we want something sweet or-”
The two started laughing together and headed toward a nearby sweets cafe. Nana wasn’t particularly hungry but she wanted to avoid [Y/N] a little longer until she got her plan in order.
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You are really good at writing . I am hooked all the way.
OMO, I'm so confused over 2 amazing guys. I wonder how much off a player Tae really is. Who's really the right one for me. Stupid Nana, I feel so bad for Jin being only loved for his looks and to exploit his sweetness.
Nana about to get clocked! Love your story it's so cute and fun to read