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Your back slams against the wall with greater force than originally intended, but it serves its purpose and your body molds to his. With a cry, you wrap your arms around him, pulling closer. Yongguk breathes hot breaths against your heated skin, tongue flitting out to touch the salty curve of your neck. Furious fingers work to pull at the shirt adorning his body. Skin on skin contact, you wanted it now. Nails scratched at the expanse of his chest in the rush to strip him and Yongguk growled against your neck, teeth connecting around skin. In retaliation, you lift your leg, knee grazing his hard on.
He slams his hands on either side of head, but you don’t flinch, instead you reach for his pants, unzipping him. “You’re so needy,” he remarks, breath hot against your ear. “You want my dick, baby? You want it bad?”
“Shut up, Yongguk,” you growl, hands shaking.
“No, I don’t think I will. Not when I think about how you teased me there. Not when I think about how each man there had their eyes on you. Women too.”
Whining, you pull him to your lips again. Hands grasp your waist, blunt nails curling into the soft skin. You mewl into his mouth at the sudden rush of pain. Possessive Yongguk is hard to bring out. Possessive, angry, aggressive Yongguk is even harder. But so is getting the monster to retreat. The mouth against yours is hot and furious. Teeth clash more than once and you struggle to keep up with the pace, biting his lower lip. The closer he pressed to you, the more of his distinct body molded to yours.
You sigh at the feeling of muscles, marvelling at how perfectly your bodies fit when his hand reaches under your dress to smack your rear.
“This isn’t a reward,” he growls in warning with another smack. “This is for my pleasure, and fuck if you’re getting off that easy.” With a shove, he has you dropping to your knees. Shaking, you raise your eyes to meet his, when he commands you to “Get on all fours,” you hesitate. His pants drop to the floor along with his boxers. Leaning down, he grabs your chin. “Did I fucking stutter?” Shaking your head, you turn over. Walking past you, Yongguk settles into the large armchair in front of you. “Come here,” he demands, curling his index finger.
Crawling, you slowly make your way over to him, watching as he fists himself. Placing your hands on his knees when you finally reach him. He leans closer, slapping your cheek with his cock. “Did I tell you to touch me?” He asks, venom dropping from his voice.
“Then don’t,” he snarls, shoving you away, so you lay sprawled on your back. “Strip.” Standing up on shaky legs, you let the dress fall to the floor before reaching behind you to unhook the bra. Yongguk breathes heavily, eyes drinking in the sight. When you finally get to your underwear, he swirls his finger around, indicating for you spin. You slip off your underwear, shimmying your ass a little. The gasp you hear behind you tells you it’s done its job. You turn around slowly, watching the way his large hands grip his member.
“Did I tell you to turn around?” You shake your head. “Did I say you could watch?” You shake your head again. “Come here.” He beckons. When you arrive in front of him, he pulls you to his lap by your hips. “Don’t do something unless I tell you to or I won’t fucking let you cum for a month, bitch.” You shiver unintentionally, nodding. “Good girl.” He smiles, rubbing his hands over your waist before trailing to your ass. The first smack hurts a little, but by the fifth, you’ve become numb and Yongguk is gasping for breath. When he stops, you whine, rolling your hips against his, begging for more.
“Fuck, you’re so whiny and needy. Shit,” he curses. He lifts you easily, dropping you on the floor before stretching over you. Before you’ve even gathered your breath (and also your mind) his naked body is pressed between your legs and his mouth covers every bit of skin he can find, nipping and biting harder than needed. You whine under his lips, wincing as the bites grow harder in pressure. He moves to your breast, knowing how sensitive they are and tugs on one nipple, drawing it out further until you cry out. Switching to the other, he does the same, ears pricked to hear that cry.
Two fingers find their way into your heat and you arch your back to meet him, nails finding purchase against his back. “Are you gonna do that again?” He asks, breathing heavily against your neck.
“Is this the punishment?” You ask, mewling when he curves his fingers.
“No, the punishment is when I cum all over your face, but you don’t get to cum. The punishment is when your body is raw and needing release, but I won’t let you. The punishment, if you pull that shit again, never being satisfied, but hearing me cum every time.” With a whimper, you shimmy closer to him, trying to create more friction. “Are you gonna do that again?” He repeats. You shake your head immediately. With a smirk, Yongguk, slides his fingers out, licking the residue. “Good girl.”
Hands pressing against your ribs, Yongguk presses into you hard and you gasp at the sudden intrusion. Yongguk is slow, but deliberate and he makes sure you feel every fiber of his being and the way his veins press against your walls has you crying his name. You’re so close, but he pulls out right before you reach your release. He stands, hardness standing tall, before sitting on the chair again.
“Mount me.”
Whimpering, you obey him, aligning his cock against your entrance before sliding down. Your head lolls back from his girth. His large hands grab your waist, lifting you up and down on his cock. You grab onto his shoulders as the pressure builds again. You’re so close, but Yongguk isn’t that kind. He won’t let you cum that quickly. You’re off his lap again with a whine, trying desperately to push his dick in you again when he bends you over the armrest of the sofa. With a grunt, he’s in you again. Your face flatten against the softness of the fabric, a stark contrast to Yongguk behind you. His hips snap against yours, balls slapping against your already raw ass.
His fingers thread in your hair, yanking your head back and he continues to pound in. You scream, not bothering to hold back any noise as his dick hits you so hard, your mind is reeling. One hand soothes your back, while the other holds you down, allowing him deeping with every thrust. The last thrust has him releasing in you so hard, it’s enough to have your walls clenching tight around him. You release with a soundless scream, throat too raw to make anymore noise.
Finally, Yongguk pulls away, dragging you off the couch by your hair. He falls into the couch with a thud, pulling you into his lap. “Shit,” he mumbles.”You make me lose myself too much.” Grabbing the nearby wipes, he carefully wipes you down and you moan, shifting closer to him when the coolness of the wipe grazes your core.
“I like it.”
Yongguk growls your name in a warning tone, but you nuzzle closer to him, drifting to sleep.
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Mannnnnn just thought bout how deep his voice is gonna be during all this.. Just bury me in my fangirl grave right now..
*ahem*... well...... so..... yeah *fanning self*
SHEEEEEEYYYYYAAAAAAATTTTT!!! I need a cold shower!! Sheesh!
holly hell balls
Well damn. My fav thus far!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍
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