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Hello my fellow nakama! So tomorrow's my first day of school and I'm like happy and motivated but yet sad and depressed at the same time because even though I'm no longer in high school, I can already see the amounts of homework I'm going to have this semester😧😩 My goal is to be a study bug just like Shizuku Mizutani (My Little Monster) So I can end up with straight A's!😬 However after like 3weeks, I may just end up like these guys down below😅⬇
If tomorrow is your first day too wish you the best of luck as well!😁 If you have already started, hope your semester is going well so far! and if there's still time until you go back, I envy the little bit of vacation you have left😣 but good luck to you for when you go back too!😄 Let's put in a lot of effort this semester/school year and make the best of it!!!😄💕
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@LeaEsterline thanks! (: & good luck to you too!
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@hikaymm thanks! & lucky😣 hopefully if things go smoothly I can be done after next year. one can only hope
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I started school August 8th
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awwh, well I hope that everything is going by okay! (: @otakukpoper
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@Konsutansu thank you😆😆
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