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Recently, a few people asked me how I make & use collections on Vingle, so I thought i'd explain a bit about what I do. Sorry for the long card XD

These are my collections XD

If you don't know already, a collection is just a way to organize the things you post on Vingle. I make a lot of them to help me feel more organized with everything I post!

You can publish them into specific communities.

So, my anime collections appear in the anime community because I have published them!
You can do this by:
- editing your collection (on mobile or on the web page)
- select the communities you want to publish your collection to!
If you do this, more people will see it! That's how I got collection followers in my Anime Previews collection, which has a lot of followers!!! More than 60,000!!!

I made my own collection images.

I actually use my computer when doing this (not my phone) and use a free website called Canva.com to make cute covers! See how many different ones I have? And this way I can keep them "themed" in certain ways if I want to!!! I try to make all of my collections seem like ~mine~ in some way ^-^

Here's how to make a collection!!

I want to make Re:Zero collection because I post about it so much, so I'll do that while making this little tutorial so you guys can see what I usually do.
1. First thing I do is make the image I want to use! You can do this in paint, photoshop, canva, pixlr, whatever! Just choose a free editing service, pick a picture, and go for it!
**hint: you can actually add text on your images on vingle, too, but I have found that it's better if I just do it myself with photo editing programs XD
2. Either on mobile or web, visit your profile and then click "collections." Here you will see the "Create a Collection" option!!! Click it!!
3. Fill in your title & upload your cover image. I don't bother uploading a background image.
4. Click "Create a Collection."
5. Your collection has been made!
6. To publish your collection to a community, click the "Edit" button as seen in the picture above if you're on web. If you're on the app, its just in the top corner I think!!

You can add cards to your collections by...

Cards end up in your collections two different ways that I've found.
1. When you add a post to vingle, you have to choose a collection for it to go in. You can choose multiple collections. So, you can select whichever collections of yours it belongs in!
2. You can clip other people's cards! Just click the little paper clip symbol on a card, and then pick the collection you want it to appear in. There's also a little box you can check or uncheck that decides whether or not a card will appear on your profile page!
I usually uncheck it because I want my profile page to be mostly my own cards :)

You can also receive notifications about new cards

If you view someone else's collection, there is an option to follow it & also to receive notifcations when a new card is added! I followed one of @NicoNicoNii 's collections and I receive notifs when she uploads to it which is great so I don't miss any cards!

Feel free to turn on notifications on any collection you want!!! Then you can always see more cards. You can do that by:

1. Visit the collection by clicking the collection picture from the post or just on someone's profile page.
2. Click the little "options" bar in the top corner!!
3. Select "Turn on notifications"
@kpopandkimchi made a better tutorial about how to do this over here so please look at it if my instructions don't make sense!!!!
Why not turn on notifications for my Re:Zero collection by going HERE (https://www.vingle.net/collections/4825934) to test it out?

Any other questions?

I might not know the answers but I use collections a lot so maybe I will!! If not, you can go to @VingleEnglish 's profile and ask them there! *whew* I hope that helps ;)
Can I ask you a question, not about how to edit your collections, but about comment things on vingle???
Yeah ask away!!!! @nimm14
people sometimes reply to my comments, how do I look at them. When I click on the message saying someone replied it takes me to my comment.
@nimm14 Ooohh!! Are you on the app? If so you might need to update!!! I wasn't seeing replies either until I updated :)
it worked thanks xD
@hikaymm ahhh okay I'll try that thanks 😁